Light Bars for Jeep

If you're in search of the ideal light bar for your Jeep, our extensive resources are here to guide you. We offer an in-depth Jeep light bar buying guide, answers to frequently asked questions, detailed information on the legal use of these lights across different states, and advice on typical installation locations and wiring configurations. All these resources are tailored to aid you in selecting the perfect light bar for popular Jeep models like the Gladiator, Wrangler JL, JK, 4xe, TJ, YJ, and more.

Jeep Light Bar - Educational Resources

Buying Guide for Light Bars for Jeeps

From mounting locations to learning about lumens; aiming to light bar maintenance—there's quite a bit to know and learn about LED light bars before you make your purchase. But have no fear, we've got expert advice, helpful tips, and useful tricks to get you into a light bar for your Jeep. To help you get the proper product for your rig, we've put together this helpful buying guide for light bars for Jeeps.

Jeep Light Bars - FAQ

If you have questions about light bars for Jeeps, this is the first place to look. From how to choose a light bar for your rig, to installation and maintenance questions, these are some of the most frequently asked questions about light bars for Jeep.

Jeep Light Bar Products from KC

KC Light Bars for Jeep - Direct Fit

How about a complete kit, with everything you need? These systems fit your Jeep right out of the box so you can get them installed and get back to your adventure. They include the lights, mounting brackets, covers, instructions, switch and wiring, all backed by KC's team support customers rave about.

To get started, first take a moment to compare our race-inspired Gravity Pro6 LED lights, modern, powerful Slimlite LEDs, or tough, affordable Apollo halogens. Here's our popular comparison we made between Apollo Pro vs Slimlite LED vs Pro6 LED.

And here's the links to the product pages with specs, install guides, and more:

Popular Universal Light Bar Options for Jeep

KC offers some of our latest technology in the form of universal light bars that will fit Jeep often with minimal modification. Take for instance the KC FLEX ERA LED Light Bar. This revolutionary product defies limits of engineering while building on the strengths of our previous platforms. This dual level, linkable and highly customizable light is proving popular for bumper mounting on the Jeep platform - it's like nothing you've seen before.

Jeep Light Bar Mounts

KC offers sturdy, lightweight light mounts as stand-alone products for your project. These mounts are model-specific and are the backbone to your Jeep's KC light bar setup.

Jeep Light Bar Accessories

There are several useful accessories available for KC Jeep light bars. From hiding wires to covering lights, these add ons allow you to protect the lights, secure your installation and make the wiring setup look factory clean.

Customer Testimonials

Jess (#jess_offroad)

2021 Jeep Gladiator JT

KC Lights are Legendary! The intensity of lighting has been refined by KC over many years & is unrivaled.

A large reason why I chose the Pro6 LED Light bar in particular for my Jeep is the aesthetic. It really took the look of my Jeep to another level. The Pro6 provides all the lighting I could need on the trail at night but really has a classy look to it. I'm an enthusiast of the option to change out from light covers during the day to the amber light shields at night when I'm looking for the next obstacle or our camp spot for the evening. The Pro6 LED Light bar truly supplies functionality & style.

Alex (#alexinthepeachjeep)

2021 Jeep Wrangler JL

Many girls dream of driving a Jeep Wrangler, but in my dream it had to be pink with a tan interior and most importantly, it absolutely HAD to have a KC HiLiTES light bar. Specifically above the windshield and spaced out. In fact, the Slimlite LED Xross bar was my very first mod! Was my inspiration the Barbie Jeep? Maybe. Movies? Songs? Also maybe. Aside from the aesthetic, I loved the flexibility of turning on/off two lights at a time with a push of a button right from the drivers seat; no need to cover/uncover. It also comes in handy for making color Christmas light shows :) There are many off-road light brands out there, but KC HiLiTES isn't just a company, it's a family and is owned and operated by the same family that started it more than 50 years ago! A family with amazing values, gives back to the community, and inspires others to adventure further. My build wouldn't be complete without my KC light bar and life wouldn't be the same without KC family!

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