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We blend cutting-edge technology, precision engineering & premium design to bring you an unparalleled lighting experience.


For over 50 years now, KC has been a family-owned business made of people who create unforgettable experiences. By consistently releasing ground breaking products, we are able to Defy Limits and Adventure Further®️.


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Patented GRAVITY® LED Technology

Leveraging decades of optical and lighting design experience, we created a proprietary and patented LED reflection system for our Gravity LED lights and light bars. Fusing traditional reflector design with cutting edge LED technology resulted in the most power efficient and optimized light output on the market.

Still from Patented Gravity® Reflective Diode(GRD) video
GRD Illustration

Gravity® Reflective Diode (GRD)

A KC patented LED positioning and optical system, KC's GRD CORE holds the LEDs and channels every lumen into an optical reflector for maximum light efficacy. Maximizing lumens and minimizing loss, we redirect the light using our precision-designed reflectors to achieve high output, distance and beam control all while keeping the wattage low. Having designed and produced performance-engineered reflector optics for over 50 years, KC developed the GRD system to capitalize on the full lumen potential of each LED to maximize light output and achieve precise beam patterns.

Products that use this technology: Gravity® LED Headlight

Optics comparison: GRD
Optics comparison: Forward Facing
GPO Illustration

Gravity® Projector Optic (GPO)

KC's GPO is an optical technology that combines an optical projector lens with our patented GRD technology to create maximum light output while being compliant with certain specifications and standards. GRD technology aims LEDs at the most effective angle into our optical reflectors and projects them forward. GPO further intensifies the beam and also allows for sharp beam angles and cut-offs that meet DOT, SAE and ECE compliance specifications.

Products that use this technology: Gravity® LED Pro

Optics comparison: GPO
Optics comparison: Traditional Projector Optics
Ford Truck with Gravity Infinity Ring Light Bar

Functional Modularity

We provide ultimate flexibility and control with modular lighting systems you can configure to your exact needs.

KC's Gravity® Infinity Ring™ system was an industry first, allowing custom configuration of width, beam shape and radius.

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Effortless Customization

We design products with quick swap lenses, bezels, covers and shields, so it's easy to customize your lighting.

Change your look, light temperature or beam pattern

Flex Era 4 Lights with interchangeable bezels, light covers and lenses

Our FLEX ERA® family line offers interchangeable lenses to alter beam patterns, shields to adjust color temperature, plus bezels and covers to elevate your look.

Gravity LED Pro Light Bar with lenses and covers

Our Gravity® Pro6 LED lights and light bars also offer custom accessories such as shields and covers - essential when required to cover off-road lights so they're street legal.

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