Adventure Lighting Technology

Beyond LED, HID & Halogen

Discover the technology behind KC lights and how we continuously deliver innovative features, new technologies form factors and integrated solutions to help our customers adventure further. From modular & customizable lights, such as the Pro6 LED Light Bar, to multi-purpose lighting and adventure platforms, such as KC M-Racks, our products blend in technology, design and precision engineering to bring you an unparalleled complete lighting experience.

KC Lighting Technology Showcase

Discover Gravity Reflective Diode (GRD)

Unparalleled Innovation

Power without control is not power at all. With our GRD technology, the LED faces back into the reflector and is reflected forward so that we can craft the beam pattern to your specific needs.

Explore Pro6

Gravity & Pro6 Lights

The Gravity® LED Pro6 Single uses a durable UV treated composite housing design powered by patented 20W Gravity® LED G6 optical inserts available in Spot, SAE/ECE Driving and Wide-40 Beam patterns.

Each Pro6 LED single light uses a unique ball mount system that offers easy installation and adjustable light aim to suit your exact lighting needs.

Gravity LED Pro6 Singles are perfect for front bumpers, light bars and a-pillar applications. Every Gravity LED Pro6 pair pack system comes complete with a performance wiring harness and illuminated LED light switch.

Discover Slimlite & CREE XLamp XD

High Performance LEDs

We engineered the SLIMLITE® LED using, a first for our industry, CREE XLamp XD series LED packing 50 watts per light.

Explore Slimlite

Slimlite LEDs

KC engineered the SLIMLITE® LED using, a first for our industry, CREE XLamp XD series LED packing 50 watts per light and putting out 60% more light output than its 100W halogen predecessor.

Through CREE’s XD16 LEDs we were able to maximize lumen density (pack more lumens per inch of space). Ultimately, we are able to deliver best-in-class product with performance and aesthetics while keeping the original compact size and depth.

Slimlite® LED lights feature an optimized beam pattern that has a spot beam output for long-distance lighting along with fill light for short to mid-range light. The 10 internal LEDs and reflectors result in incredible light output with highly targeted light distribution and beam shape that translates to more usable light than standard round lights.

Understanding Lighting Technology

Power, Patterns, Features & Light Types

As automotive lighting becomes more and more complex, you're naturally left wondering "What specs actually matter?". That's why we're going further than the "pure lumens" approach on comparing various lighting options, and we'll be focusing on your specific lighting needs and adventures - be it rock crawling, off roading or just cruising.

Lumens vs. Lux vs. Candela

Have you been curious about the question "are lights with more lumens better?" but couldn't find the answer? This video will be a huge help! Here, KC breaks down what lumens actually are which will give you a good understanding of how to analyze the performance of a light when you're shopping for a new off-road light. In addition, we cover other terms such as Lux and Candela that are often used to quantify the output of light.

LED vs. Halogen vs. HID

Having trouble deciding which offroad light you should buy? This video will be a huge help! Here, KC compares LED, HID, and Halogen lights to one another to show off which is best for which application. This offroad light source comparison applies to all vehicles including: Jeeps, Toyotas, Chevys, Fords, UTVs, or anything else that you can put off road lights onto.

Your Lights, Your Adventure

The Right KC Lights for Your Rig

Taking it a step further, now that you're accustomed to the terminology and concepts used in automotive lighting, we invite you to go through our video series on choosing the right off road lights for your rig. Stay tuned, as we'll publish new interesting videos on rock crawling, overlanding, racing and power sports!

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