Off-Road Lighting Knowledge Base

Our KC lighting experts have provided terminology and technical information to help you select the best lights for your vehicle.

Optic Technology

Because lighting needs are not one-size fits all, we cover three types of optics that deliver results for different lighting situations.

Beam Pattern

In order to create optimal lighting for your vehicle, it’s important to understand where different beam patterns focus the light.

Performance Metrics

When comparing light brightness or luminance, you’ll most often hear about Lumens, Lux & Candelas.

Light Sources

The differences and best uses for Light Emitting Diodes (LED), High-Intensity Discharge (HID) and Halogen lights.

Power Draw

Knowing the power draw of your lights and how it will affect your battery is key.

Protection Rating

An IP rating of LED light is the measurement of protection that LED light will have against liquid (water) and solid (dirt, dust etc.) objects.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is most commonly measured in terms of degrees Kelvin (K) where lower values appear warm and higher appear cool.

Light Mounts & Brackets

Mounting locations and simple bolt-on products used to add lighting to your vehicle.


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