KC HiLiTES Brand Resource Guide


Who We Are

We are a family-owned business made of people who care about creating unforgettable experiences that empower the spirit to Adventure Further®. Our mission is to illuminate life's adventures by creating unique premium products while leaving a lasting impression and positive impact on the generations of people and communities we touch.


Brand Name

The correct spelling and capitalization of our brand name is: KC HiLiTES®.

KC's name originated from the “K” in founder Peter Kim Brown's middle name and the “C” from his wife Carol's name. The two lowercase 'i's in HiLiTES symbolize the founders, reflecting their philosophy that they, as owners, are less important than the company as a whole.

Trademarks & Registered Marks

Our trademarks and registered marks are important assets and should be used correctly. Below are guidelines and approved ways to display our marks.


  • Gravity®
  • Gravity® Titan
  • SlimLite®
  • Daylighter®


  • KC HiLiTES®
  • KC®
  • Adventure Further®
  • Defy Limits
  • The Original®

Logos & Usage

The KC HiLiTES logo is a visual representation of our brand and everything we stand for. Please ensure the logo is used correctly by following these guidelines.

Primary Logos

The black logo should be used against a white or light colored background.

Download: PNG Version | EPS Version

The yellow version should be used only on dark backgrouds (not on white).

Download: PNG Version | EPS Version

The white verions may be used over images, if the background provides sufficient contrast.

Download: PNG Version | EPS Version


Secondary Logos

The secondary "Adventure Further" logo should be used whenever the necessary space is horizontal.

The black logo should be used against a white or light colored background.

Download: PNG Version

The yellow/white version should be used on dark backgrouds.

Download: PNG Version


Sub-Brand Logos

Sub-brand logos are used for specific product categories or when referencing a product line.

The "KC Daylighter" logo may be used on any background.

Download: PNG Version

Animated KC Daylighter logo

Download: GIF Version

"The Original" logo may be used on any background.

Download: PNG Version


Proper Logo Usage


To help ensure the best legibility, the primary logo must be sized no less than 40px on screen.

Clear Space

Ensure the logo has sufficient space around it, equivalent to at least half its height.


Incorrect Usage

Off-Brand Colors

Do not use custom colors or gradients for the logo.

Image Distortion

Do not stretch or distort the logo in any way.

Special Effects

Do not apply unnecessary effects such as shadows, glows or bevels.


Do not place on busy or low contrast backgrounds.

Color Palette

Our brand colors convey the strength and reliability of our products. Use the following colors consistently across all media.

HEX #000000
Light Grey
Medium Grey
Dark Grey
HEX #191919



Bebase Neue (Google Font)


Paragraph / Body Copy





Button Styles

Primary Buttons

  • font-family: 'Bebas Neue'
  • font-size: 18px
  • font-weight: 400
  • letter-spacing: 1px
  • line-height: 20px
  • padding: 15px 24px 13px 24px
  • border: 1px

Medium Button

  • padding: 10px 24px 8px 24px

Small Button

  • font-size: 13px
  • letter-spacing: 0
  • line-height: 14px
  • padding: 5px 8px 3px 8px

Contact Us

For more information or specific inquiries regarding brand usage, please contact our brand management team at [email protected].

For press-related inquiries or to be added to our distribution list, please email us at [email protected].

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