FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar - Master Kit

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SKU 0295
Weight 25.000000
Type FE50
Family / Series FLEX ERA
Product Dimensions Straight Product Dimensions: W - 51.36" x H - 2.66" x D - 3.85" Curved Product Dimensions: W - 50.89" x H - 2.66" x D - 3.85"
Material Aluminum Alloy
Finish Black
Mount Location Bumper, Overhead / Roof, Roof
UPC 084709002954
Candela 805,000 cd (combo) / 900,000 cd (spot)
Color Black
DOT Compliant No
In The Box 5 x KC® FLEX ERA® 10" Bar , Wiring Harness with Weatherproof Connectors, Illuminated 3 Position LED Light Switch
IP rating IP68
Beam Pattern Combo
Beam Distance 897 m combo / 949 m spot
Light Color Amber / White
Lens Color Clear
Light Temperature 5000K
Lumens 39,560 lm
Lux 8,050 lx (combo) / 9,000 lx (spot)
Wattage 60W (Amber Backlight) / 540W (High-Power)
Voltage 9V-36V
Amp Draw 5.0a / 45.0a
Prop 65 No
Size 50"

The KC FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar is designed to push the boundaries of what a light bar can be. Built as the successor to our original FLEX Array light bars, this bar defies new limits of engineering while building on the strengths of our previous platform. With high-output performance and a flexible design, the FE Bar is like nothing you've seen before.

Setting a new standard in beam quality and visibility, the KC FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar makes sure you see any obstacle on your trail. Take it up another notch with a flexible design that makes the bar linkable, curvable, and optic changeable. Of course, it stays true to its family with customizable aesthetics, tons of accessories to fine-tune it to your needs, and the legendary KC build quality. Reimagine what's possible with the FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar.

  • High-Output Performance for Unprecedented High-Speed Performance
  • Flexible Design to Adapt the Length, Curvature, and Optics to Your Needs
  • Master Kit includes all Beam Pattern Lenses:
    • Pre-assembled in Combo Beam
    • Spot Beam Lenses Included
  • Two Power Modes:
    • Amber LED Backlight
    • Full Power (off-road use only)
  • Customizable Aesthetics, because who doesn't want things to match?
  • Legendary KC Build Quality with the Adventure Further Guarantee
Frequently Asked Questions

Will the 20-50” FLEX ERA® LED Light Bars come pre-assembled?

No. Regardless of if you buy a 20”, 30”, 40” or 50” bar, they will not come preassembled. But don’t worry! The inside of the box itself contains a full, true-to-scale assembly guide to ensure you get it done quickly. Even better - we included all of the tools necessary for installation. Grab a beer and get to work, it shouldn’t take too long at all!

How do I link the segments together?

The ends of each 10” segment are universal in that they can accept either and End Mount Bracket or a Linker Bracket. Just make sure that you put the Overmolded Power Linker on prior to the main bracket! Use the included hardware and go snug without overdoing it.

How do I change the bar from straight to curved?

At each junction point of two 10” FE Bar segments, the linker bracket has two options for where to place the set screw that determines if the bar is curved or straight. Place the smaller countersunk bolts into the holes shown below on each junction to make it to your liking.

Screw placement for straight versus curved bar

Is the FE BAR based on the FLEX ERA 1 or FE4?

Not exactly. While it might look similar in size to the FE1, it’s an entirely new product. The bezels and shields are not interchangeable. In fact, the FE Bars have very similar performance to a single FE4 light due to the use of similar optic components, just in a different configuration. This product is a complete reimagination of the previous FLEX Array Bar, that stays true to the FLEX ERA Family of products.

What are the extra lenses that are included in the FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar boxes?

Each box of FLEX ERA® LED Light Bars lights come standard as a Master Kit, which includes all beam pattern lenses that are available. The lights come preassembled with the Combo Beam lenses (vertical lines ends of the lens). There are also Spot Beam Lenses (complete clear appearance) included in the kit.

When should I use the included spot beam or combo beam lenses?

For those that desire the furthest possible distance out of their light output, the Spot Beam lenses will perform best. For those that want short to mid-range distance coverage while also having more horizontal coverage, the pre-assembled Spread Beam lenses will be best.

Since the lens is designed to be swappable, how does this impact the warranty should anything happen? E.g. if water ingress occurs due to user error while swapping the lens?

Our standard KC Adventure Further Guarantee applies to these lights. We encourage you to swap out your lenses to see what works best for you - just do so in a clean and controlled environment. Feel free to check out our installation videos for best practices or give us a call and we'll be happy to assist!

What are the differences between the Amber Shields and the Performance Yellow Lenses?

While both enhance visibility in poor visibility conditions, Amber Shields will excel in extreme conditions like highly dense dust or silt, with their darker hue minimizing glare. On the other hand, our Performance Yellow Lenses offer a purer, brighter yellow output, making them great for a broader range of conditions from dust to wide-open and clear environments. In addition, the Amber shields simply snap over the face of the light, while the Perf Yellow Lenses will entirely replace the clear spot or combo beam pattern lens. Combo Clear and Spot Clear lenses come with the Master kit. All Performance Yellow lenses are sold separately.

What is the difference between the FLEX ERA® LED Light Bars and the discontinued FLEX Array Light Bars?

  • The FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar is the replacement for the discontinued FLEX Array Light Bars. We took sizing, styling, and feature-set cues from the original, and evolved the light in every single way possible.
  • A single 10” FE Bar features 108W and 7,912 lumens of output compared to the older FLEX Bar which was 50W and 4,875 lumens per light.
  • The FE Bar is fractionally larger in all 3 dimensions than the FLEX Array was, allowing for deeper and larger reflectors for groundbreaking performance.
  • Finally, the FLEX ERA® Bar features an Amber LED Backlight for a bit more styling.

Are there options for colored bezels beyond the gold one on FE Bars?

Absolutely! Customization and personalization is as core to the FLEX ERA Family as performance is. We also offer the bezels in 10” segments of red, blue, and black bezels.

Do the FE Bars include an amber backlight?

Yes. The FLEX ERA® Bar still has the main power circuit for the full brightness mode, and also uses a second power circuit to offer the Amber Backlight.

Do the FE Bars include blackout covers?


Can I use light locks with the FE Bar?

Yes, light locks are compatible with the FLEX ERA® LED Light Bars. Use SKU 7222 aka the M8-1.25 Light Lock Security Nut Set for the main end mount, and SKU 7223 aka the M10-1.5 Light Lock Security Nut Set for the bottoms of the L-Brackets. But remember, don’t lose the included key! Otherwise you’ll have a fun evening with an angle grinder if you ever need to remove the lights.

Editorial Content


Close-up of 20 inch KC FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar on Jeep with yellow lenses; with intense light output cutting through dust.

Dominating the Darkness

With 7,912 lumens of power per 10" segment, the FLEX ERA LED Bar sets a new standard in output, with unprecedented visibility and beam quality — ideal for demanding, high-speed conditions.

10 inch KC FLEX ERA® Bar with spot lens on black background; turned off, flanked by spare combo lens above and yellow combo lens below.

Pushing the Boundary

The FLEX ERA LED Light Bar is Linkable, Curvable, and Optic Swappable which defies all engineering limits while building on its predecessor, yet stays true to the core elements of the FLEX ERA Family. Whatever your lighting demands, the FE Bar delivers.

10 inch KC FLEX ERA® Bar on black background, light off, showcasing bezels in red, black, gold, and blue.


We get it, everyone loves to personalize their rig. Our tried and true FLEX LED® tradition ensures that you can customize the colored accent bezel to match your rig. The FE Bar bezels come standard in gold, but you can pick up the bezels in deep red, rich blue, or gloss black to suit your needs.

10 inch KC FLEX ERA® Bar with spot lens on black background; turned off, flanked by spare combo lens above.


Gone are the days of guessing which beam pattern is best for you. The KC FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar Master Kit bundles lights + both beam pattern lenses + spare o-rings + black and yellow KC logo covers + a complete wiring kit for everything you need to spend less time in the garage and more time out on the trails.

Close-up of 20 inch KC FLEX ERA® Bar in a Jeep bumper with amber LED backlights activated.

A Beacon of Style

The FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar helps you stand out in the crowd thanks to its Amber LED backlight. This can be used on-road or off-road, daytime or night time, and gives you an added touch of style.


Chris Isenhouer's truck kicking up sand with the illuminated 20 inch KC FLEX ERA® Bar using yellow lenses, in the dunes at dusk.


Take everything you think you know about night rides and throw it in the trash. The FLEX ERA LED Light Bar sets new standard in beam quality and clarity, allowing you to ride At The Speed of Light.

Toyota Tacoma overland build showcasing a lit 30 inch KC FLEX ERA® Bar with amber shields, illuminating a rocky desert terrain.


The FLEX ERA Bar thrives in the unexpected and is built for the most demanding situations. You can count on it to prevail, backed by our Adventure Further Guarantee.

Close-up of a 20 inch KC FLEX ERA® Bar with blue bezels in a bumper, highlighting the precise fit and sleek design.


Trail-ready adaptability. The FE Bar’s 10" segments link seamlessly to build a straight or curved bar. From overland builds to desert-destroying prerunners, the FE Bar conforms to your needs.


Any FE Bar from 10" to 50" comes standard as a Master Kit with absolutely everything you need to get up and running quickly so you can spend less time in the garage and more time out on the trails.

10" FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar Segments (1-5)
Combo Beam Lenses (pre-installed)
Spot Beam Lenses
Light Covers - Black with Yellow KC Logo
End Mounts, Linker Kits, and Hardware
Assembly Tool Kit and Setup Guide
Complete Wiring Kit with LED Switch
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