From 4X4 Rigs to Classic Cars to Vintage Trucks and Muscle Cars, the fitments are endless.

Many people know that we make high-end replacement headlights for Jeeps, but most don’t know that the same street-legal 7" Gravity® LED Headlights can fit most 7” headlight applications. Some of our premier builders and fabricators have taken our 7" Gravity® LED Headlights and successfully installed them onto a range of rad vehicles from Toyota FJs to Ford Broncos and F100s to even Chevy Bel Airs, Camaros, and C10s.

Close up of the Gravity LED 7

Jon Henson’s Bel Air

Close up of a sky blue Ford Bronco with Gravity LED 7

Ford Bronco

Close-up of a 2002 Harley Davidson with shining KC HiLiTES Gravity LED Headlights, enhancing its vintage charm

2002 Harley Davidson

Two green 1968 Chevy Camaros with Gravity LED 7

1968 Chevy Camaros

When installing these into the classic cars, the sizing of the light isn’t the only thing that is important. In terms of styling, these add just a touch of modern flare without being too standout and too noticeable, perfect to maintain the timeless and nostalgic appeal. Better yet, our Gravity Headlights have a plug-and-play pigtail that connects directly to the OEM wiring harness with an H4 plug. No cutting or splicing required for the wiring!

Depending on the vehicle it is going into, some headlight buckets need modification for proper clearances. We are working with KTL Restorations to make our 7" Gravity® LED Headlights to be more plug-n-play from the hardware brackets to the wire harness. For now, we’re excited to offer our tried and true Gravity® LED Headlight for more street vehicles that cruise Main Street. After all, our very first shop in the company's history (outside of Pete’s garage) in the early 70’s was right on Route 66 in Williams, AZ - it’s in our blood!

If you have a classic car and are interested in using out 7” headlights, feel free to call in with any questions to our Customer Service team or reach out to our friends at KTL Restorations.

Early 70s photo of the original KC building outside Pete's garage on Route 66, Williams, AZ

Though it doesn’t use our 7” headlights, we’ve also worked with KTL on the Hemmings Artmeis OBS Truck build. With their 20+ years of experience working on classic cars, vintage trucks, and muscle cars, the result is something you won’t want to miss! Their experience is key to understanding the specific headlight fitment for these beautiful classic cars and trucks, and we are excited for this collaboration and partnership in the vehicle restoration space.