Since its introduction to the automotive industry, the Ford Bronco has been a fan favorite amongst the off-roading community. It was capable, good-looking, and intentionally designed to be versatile. During its 1965 launch, the Bronco was described by then Ford Motor Company Vice President Don Frey as a vehicle that “has been designed to go nearly anywhere and do nearly anything.”

For 25 years, from 1996 until 2021, the off-road community went without seeing a new Bronco. The hiatus is over. The Ford Bronco is back. He’s bigger, more capable, and more technologically advanced than before. Most importantly, he’s back to contend with the Jeep Wrangler for his title as King of off-roading.

We are beyond excited to announce the launch of our all-new brackets and kits specifically engineered for the new Ford Broncos. As more and more Broncos are hitting the streets (or, shall we say trails?), also grows the demand for aftermarket products allowing people to take their brand new trail rig and Adventure Further into new areas. Embrace the wild side, go anywhere, and do anything from day into night with the KC Overhead and Ditch Light kits.

Ford Bronco Overhead Light Bar

Side view of KC Overhead Light Bar
Front view of KC Overhead Light Bar

The KC Ford Bronco Overhead Light Bar Kit mounts a highly precise and efficient Gravity® LED Pro6 50" light bar above the windshield of a 2021+ Ford Bronco. Combine the timeless appeal of larger round lights with the highest-end modern technology, and you have a product fit for one of the newest kings of off-roading. There are no modifications necessary as this kit takes advantage of the factory-designed mounting locations and hardware. These brackets work with factory-equipped hardtops or soft tops. This kit includes the light bar, mounting brackets, a complete wiring kit, and more.

To achieve the longest distance off-road lighting setup on a Ford Bronco, the Pro6 LED Light Bar uses patented Gravity® Reflective Diode (GRD) technology to throw light out at an incredible distance. The mounting brackets are formed from heavy-gauge steel and powder-coated textured black for ultimate durability.

Ford Bronco Ditch Lights

Close up of KC Ditch Light
Side view of KC Ditch Light

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to upgrade the lights on a Ford Bronco is by adding ditch lights. These are also often called A-Pillar lights as well, as they sit on the bottom corners of the windshield just above the hood. Ford has made provisions for brackets and lights to easily be installed on the plastic cowl that connects to the side mirrors. These “Accessory Ready” mounting locations that Ford provided make it quick and easy to mount brackets and lights to the Bronco to seriously enhance its nighttime performance. We created a wide variety of pre-built kits to allow you to match whatever your style best, while also tailoring the lights and beam patterns to your specific needs. For your Ford Bronco ditch lights, choose from: