Vehicle on rocks with beautiful sky Our Legacy began with original founder Pete Brown venturing off into campsites in California with his family over 50 years ago. He soon realized he needed auxiliary lighting to ensure the safety of his journeys. He turned toward aircraft landing lights and retrofitted them into a stainless steel housing designed for rugged terrain and the Daylighter® was born. The Daylighter off-road light created the offroad lighting industry with its iconic smiley face cover and still remains one of the most recognizable symbols in American automotive history. KC has been a symbol of adventure, freedom, quality, and performance ever since.

The Quality of Our Relationships drives the quality of results. What makes a brand greater than the product it sells? The bonds it creates. Family is the foundation upon which KC is built and adventure is always our destination. The family first mindset is what allows us to Adventure Further® together creating experiences and traditions that have lasting impressions on generations of people.

Those experiences build the trust, communication and respect critical for our team, vendors, industry partners, ambassadors, and customers to build quality relationships. From marketing and sales to product development and operations our commitment to family is infused in all we do. It’s one thing to use amazing imagery and words to convey who you are, it’s another to live it. We not only live it, but we originated it. The love for our family is what our customers experience through our products and services.

Group conversationOur Innovative thinking pushes the boundaries of a traditional lighting company driven passionately by a cause to Defy Limits. We find better ways to solve problems by thinking outside the box and taking disparate technologies to create something uniquely iconic and authentic. We build the best performing products that solve problems in the most simple, practical way. KC has continued to grow beyond lighting including roof rack systems featuring integrated 360-degree lighting and more. That’s the power of legacy and experience; that’s the power of being The Original.

Our Quality is built on 50 years of engineering, sourcing and manufacturing experience that has allowed us to establish a proven ecosystem of people and processes that are unparalleled in the industry. Experience and time are value propositions that cannot be replicated but often imitated.

With a performance first approach, even the smallest of lights, like our Cyclone LEDs, are proven in the most demanding environments from rock crawling in Johnson Valley to the unforgiving stretches of the Baja 1000. have been adopted from race teams to vehicle based adventurers who value performance and reliability.


KC employees holding a light bar We are you, a team of offroaders, overlanders, and adventurists who are passionate about our connection to nature through vehicle-based travel. We design products we love to use and we do it with the full range of people in mind from the everyday enthusiast to the performance racer. At the heart of everything we do, is a deep desire to connect to ourselves and with each other, through the experiences we create outdoors. It is this connection that drives us to create premium products that illuminate life’s adventures.

We are family owned, and proud of being so for over 3 generations. We put a huge emphasis on investing, building and growing people to be the best versions of themselves. From employees, customers and vendors to ambassadors, industry partners and racers we believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and it is why KC is still one of the most trusted and respected brands today.

Smiling KC employeeWe are customer centric and pride ourselves in always providing a breathtaking experience with every interaction. At KC our goal is to create unforgettable experiences across our products and services. From education and training to systems and processes there is no limit we won’t defy to give our customers a memorable experience.

We are resilient and have time and time again stood the test of time. KC has faced insurmountable challenges over the years that has only made us stronger. To struggle and fail, is human; to overcome and succeed is legendary. Not all paths are easy and the hardest ones offer the greatest rewards especially when you embark on them with the people you trust and love. KC is a movement empowering generations to see what’s possible when you Defy Limits, and Adventure Further®.