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KC LKZ - M10-1.5 Light Lock Security Nut Set - #7223 7223 PRODUCT DETAILS
-100% CNC Machined Steel Construction
-Clear Zinc Coat Plated Finish for long lasting Corrosion Protection
-Diameter Thread Size: M10-1.5mm

-Compatible with the following KC series lights:
› KC Slimlite LED Lights
› KC LZR LED Lights: LZR 3” Cubes and LZR 4” Round LED Lights
› KC GRAVITY® LED Lights: Gravity G34, Gravity G46, Gravity Pro6 Singles, and Gravity LED Pro-Sport 6” Lights
› KC Pro-Sport 6”/8” HID Lights
› KC FLEX LED Series Lights: FLEX LED Singles and FLEX LED Duals
-Kit Includes (2) M10-1.5 specific Security Nuts and (1) Key

KC’s LKZ Light Lock accessory line provides peace of mind to consumers wary of potential theft their lighting investment. With our 100% CNC machined steel construction and anti-corrosive Zinc coat, KC light locks are designed to last, keeping your light investment safe for many years to come.

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SKU: 7223

KC LKZ M10-1.5 Light Locks provide anti-theft security for KC Slimlite LEDs, LZR LEDs, KC Gravity G34/G46/Pro6/Pro-Sport LEDs, and KC FLEX LED Singles/Duals. Using 100% CNC machined steel with an anti corrosive Zinc coating for long lasting performance and durability.