Gravity®️ Titan/Pro6 6" Amber Shields

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Fear no weather with the KC Gravity® Titan/Pro6 Amber Light Shields. These amber shields quickly snap onto the face of the light and provide added protection while creating a highly useful amber light output for improved visibility in dust, snow, or fog. Each light shield is sold individually.

-Durable Polycarbonate Light Cover
-Amber Color for Improved Visibility in Dust, Fog and Snow
-Easy Install, Securely Clips On
-Fits KC Gravity® 6" Titan or Pro6 Lights
-Sold Individually

Enhance your off-road vision with KC's Amber Shields for Gravity® Titan/Pro6 6" lights. More than just an accessory – they're your ticket to improved visibility in challenging conditions. Whether you're navigating through a dust cloud, a snowy pass, or a rainy trail, these Amber Shields alter the color temperature of your lights, cutting through the haze and reducing glare. Amber Shields: a small change with a big impact, keeping you safe and in control, whatever the weather.

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