Alan Wang, KC HiLiTES CEO with son leaning out of truck window


Greatest. Adventure. Ever.

Dads are awesome. And to celebrate Father’s Day, we’ve put together an easy to shop gift guide and Q&A with a few of our favorite KC dads.

Shop by Adventure

As long as there have been dad jokes, there have been fathers who adventure. Whatever type of adventure your dad enjoys, we’ve got you covered.

JEEP rock crawling

For Dads Who Rock (Crawl)

Not being able to see an obstacle can ruin any rock-crawling dad’s day. Make sure that never happens with a Cyclone 6-Light Rock Light Kit.

UTV on sand dunes

For the High-octane Dad

Make sure the old man’s next adventure in the dunes or on the trails is well lit with a UTV kitted out with KC FLEX ERA 4 lights.

Sitting around campfire with vehicles in the background

For the King of the Campsite

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like the perfect campsite — which is best illuminated by a KC LED Power Lantern complete with USB charging for plenty of devices.

Dad and dog relaxing on sofa with KC hat covering face

For the Channel Surfer

If you have a dad who’s more into wielding a remote control than a winch controller, why not hook him up with some all-new, retro-themed KC swag?

Alan Wang

Q: As a dad, what makes going on adventures with your family so special?

A: I love taking the family to places that leave an impression on them and makes them wonder how a destination like this could exist or was created. Creating unforgettable experiences gives people memories that they take with them forever. From the Grand Canyon to Zion National Park, I like places where we can camp and explore, but can still drop into a town to clean up and continue exploring the local culture too.

Q: What does your vehicle and its lighting mean to you on a personal level?

A: Our founder, Pete put it best in an interview in the 70's when he said that a vehicle is a personal statement we make about ourselves. The statement I make through my vehicle, especially through the lights, is a point of excitement for my kids, friends and communities that I spend time with. When I'm in need at night, lights allow us to explore and go further than we would have without.

Alan Wang and son with vehicle in the background

Brenan Greene
KC Ambassador

Q: What are some activities your family likes to do while being outdoors?

A: Our family loves spending time at the lake and weekends camping along the river. While my wife is laying in the sun or relaxing, my daughter is usually driving the RC crawler. As for me, I’m usually out wheeling in the rocks. It’s a win-win-win every time.

Q: What are the lights that you rely on during your adventures?

A: When we pull into camp at dusk or late at night, the KC FLEX ERAs and Gravity LED Pro6s light the way. After we arrive and set up dinner at camp, our Cyclone LEDs provide an amber ambience like you wouldn’t believe. Bottom line: Our KCs set the mood every time we head out. Now all we need are some KC lights for the RC crawler.

Greene's daughter next to Toyota with KC Lights and a miniature RC truck

Shop by Personality

Dads come from the factory in many different shapes and styles — just like our gear. So whatever style he’s into, we’ve got the goods for you to give.

Dad giving the thumbs up out of truck window

Old-School Off-Roaders

Everything old is cool again when you set dad up with some classic-looking OG Daylighters updated with modern, LED internal components.

Dad surrounded by UTVs at night

Understated Explorers

Dads who know understated doesn’t mean underpowered will dig the gift that keeps on lighting — a sleek-looking, high-performance FLEX ERA 1 Master Kit.

Dad in the rain, adjusting FLEX ERA 3 Dual Mode SAE light

Cutting Edge Dads

For dads who have a soft spot for the latest and greatest in next-gen technology, our FLEX ERA 3 Dual Mode SAE lights fit the bill perfectly.

Jorge Fernandez
KC Ambassador

Q: What do you find rewarding about being a dad and going on adventures with your family?

A: As a new father, every adventure with my young daughter is an unfiltered experience that reconnects our family with the simple things in life. Whether it’s just watching as she plays in the dirt or seeing something through her eyes as she experiences it for the first time, doing so is a priceless gift. The best part is knowing the adventure of fatherhood is just the beginning. Before long, I’ll be in the passenger seat while Thalia takes the wheel. 

Q: How does lighting fit into your family off-roading trips?

A: There have been times when we’ve loaded everything up for a trip after a long week at work and have suddenly found ourselves under the stars, far from city lights, where we’re suddenly able to enjoy the simplicity of nature. That’s when our little co-pilot usually takes over by flipping a panel switch to light the way with our favorite Gravity Pro6s and FLEX ERA 3s.

Jorge Fernandez and daughter sitting in camp chairs at vehicle tailgate

Josh Patton 
KC Ambassador

Q: Why is it important for you to take your kids out on new adventures?

A: I really enjoy taking my family on trails and to places they wouldn’t get to see in an ordinary vehicle. As a dad, I’m always looking for lessons and teachable moments that occur in life and trips like these create lots of chances to make lasting impressions. 

Q: How do KC lights impact your off-road adventures and nighttime driving experiences?

A: KC lights give us the confidence to explore the places we do. For example, one spot we love has a killer view, and we often head up there for the epic sunsets. Of course, that means we have to head back to camp in darkness, but our KCs turn night into day and give us great visibility on the trail — they keep us safe by making sure we don’t drive somewhere we shouldn’t and it keeps our Jeeps from getting damaged by objects we wouldn’t be able to see without them.

Josh Patton and family with JEEP in background in front of a panoramic view

Shop KC Swag

Make sure dad’s always looking his best by sporting the latest KC gear.

Back of shirt: Fear No Trail
Man in JEEP wearing KC hat
Two styles of retro drink koozies

Jacob Colmenero 
Content Specialist, KC HiLiTES

Q: What types of trips do you like to take with your family?

A: From my perspective as a dad, I’d say a vehicle-based adventure can be anything from heading out on a long camping trip down the coast to a simple trip to the park down the street. Being a father has taught me that adventure lies around every corner. And having a cool kid who enjoys off-roading and camping as much as I do feels like a dream come true, so I’m holding on to every moment I can!

Q: How do you use your lights when going out with the family?

A: Other dads can probably back me up when I say there’s nothing more difficult than getting your wife and four-year-old all geared up for a camping trip. We almost never leave on time, which means arriving at the trailhead after sunset. That’s where my FE4 and FE3s come in as they light our way. And, as anyone who’s ever set up camp at night knows, off-road lights play a huge part in whether or not doing so is successful; our Cyclone rock lights are my go-to, and they’ve never let me down.

Jacob and family in front of vehicle with camper setup

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