Have you ever wished your truck bed had lighting for those late nights at work or those evening arrivals to the campsite? Have you ever been diagnosing a problem under the hood while wishing you had some decent lighting in the engine bay? Have you ever needed to see large obstacles better white rock crawling at night? Have you ever wished for a better taillight solution for your desert romping prerunner? Okay, maybe the last one is a bit specific but the premise holds true. This is where the KC HiLiTES Cyclone LED light enters the equation. What makes them such a great light? There are three key features:

(i) Versatility
(ii) Affordability
(iii) Durability

What Makes Cyclones So Versatile?

The Cyclone is the epitome of “good things come in small packages”. Being compact and bright, this LED light might be our most versatile light ever. The Cyclone LED light is offered in six different variations (clear white, diffused white, amber, red, blue, green) and can be used in a huge variety of applications. Originally designed for Off Road Racers as a durable interior dome light, the Cyclone has spiraled into an all-purpose light for rock crawling, engine bays, wheel wells, truck beds, grills, bumpers and an infinite amount of lighting applications. How exactly does this light achieve this level of versatility?

KC’s 2-Light Cyclone LED Under Hood kit allows for ample lighting when working under the hood.

KC’s 4-Light Cyclone LED Rock Light Kit provides ample undercarriage lighting, perfect for Rock Crawling or night time off roading.

Another feature that makes the Cyclones so versatile is the mounting system. Outfitted with a center hole and lip, you can use simple nut & bolt type hardware or even Dzus fasteners to attach them anywhere on your vehicle. We also make tube mount adapter for them which are great for mounting them underneath your RTT on your bedrack, your sliders, roll cage, etc. Use your imagination with these lights and go wild! We have seen them mounted with strong 60 pound magnets, with industrial strength Velcro, or even flush mounted into bedsides using custom 3D-printed bezels.

The Cyclone LED comes in a flood beam pattern providing a large pattern of light by utilizing an infinite vertical and horizontal beam pattern which delivers ample illumination over short distances. With this combination of short-throw lighting and 516 lumens, they are an ideal option for vibrant visibility or for any area/scene lighting needs.

Look closely and note that four Cyclone LEDs being used as custom tail lights on this Toyota Tacoma long travel PreRunner


Designed with an affordable price point in mind, a single Cyclone LED light comes in at only $32.99 MSRP. We want people to be able to pick up this light at their local auto parts store for a good price with the knowledge that this is a high-quality light backed by a 23-year limited warranty.

Lights are sold individually with quick-disconnect pigtails for easy wiring if you’re more of a DIY type. Not good with wiring and electrical work, and prefer not to mess anything up? Cyclones are also offered in different pre-wired packages to suit your needs from under-the-hood lighting to rock light kits.

Cyclone LED lights are offered individually with quick-disconnect wiring, available in 6 different colors or patterns.

Cyclone LEDs are also available in 1-Light and 2-Light pre-wired packages providing ample lighting peripheral lighting with a flick of a switch.

Designed For Durability

Off-road race tested, the Cyclone LED was designed to handle the harshest environments. Featuring an IP68 rated housing, the Cyclone LED is resistant to moisture and dust, as well fully submersible in water. Their die-cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens have been put to the test by many off-roaders. Check out the pictures below of them surviving being slammed into and slid across rocks during some serious rock crawling. Just remember that while they are tough, we don’t recommend trying this one for yourself!