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Kawasaki Teryx4 Lights, Off Road Lights, Light Bars & Mounts

Kawasaki's Teryx4 has a long history of being one of the ultimate trail-capable Side-x-Side's on the market. To get the most out of this Kawasaki platform, KC lights are a must-have item that give you all of the performance and extra aesthetics you desire. KC has developed LED, HID and Halogen lights for the Kawasaki Teryx4 that help you take your night time riding adventures to the next level.

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  1. $32.99
    KC HiLiTES 5w Cyclone LED is a multi-functional 2.2"auxiliary LED lighting solution. Universal mount design for a wide range of lighting applications: rock crawling to engine bays, wheel wheels & more. Available in seven different colors

    Lens Color

    • Clear
    • Diffused
    • Amber
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Pink
  2. $521.99
    KC HiLiTES 10"- 50" KC FLEX™ Array LED Light Bar outputs 50w to 250w of LED power in a combo spot/spread beam pattern. Featuring a 5-core to 25-core aluminum design and a patent pending power system for endless linking and stacking of lights. Includes wiring harness.


    • 10"
    • 20"
    • 30"
    • 40"
    • 50"

    Beam Pattern

    • Spot (50 Watts)
    • Combo (50 Watts)
    • Combo (100 Watts)
    • Combo (150 Watts)
    • Combo (250 Watts)
  3. $512.99
    KC HiLiTES 6" Pro-Sport Gravity LED feature efficient CREE LEDs in a driving, spot, or Wide-40 beam pattern. Black polymax housing and polycarbonate lens with adjustable mounting bracket for easy aim. System includes wiring harness and stone guards.

    Beam Pattern

    • Driving (40 Watts)
    • Spot (40 Watts)
    • Wide-40 (40W)
  4. $199.99
    KC HiLites 3" LZR LED CUBE feature bright, highly efficient CREE LEDs in a spot beam pattern with compact turbine Air-cooled fin aluminum housing design and polycarbonate lens. System includes 2 cube LED lights and complete wiring harness.
  5. $333.99
    KC's 4" Round LZR LED feature bright, highly efficient CREE LEDs, signature Aluminum Finned-Turbine Design housing for thermal management, Spot beam for focused width and distance. Includes wiring harness, switch and stone guards.
  6. $259.99
    KC FLEX™ Single LED feature bright CREE LEDs in a spot or spread beam pattern inside a compact, rugged Aluminum housing with precision reflectors. Pair complete with (2) 10w Flex LEDs, complete wiring harness, and u-brackets for easy mounting

    Beam Pattern

    • Spread (20 Watts)
    • Spot (20 Watts)


    • Single (ea)
  7. $21.99
    KC HiLiTES Universal Tube Clamp Mounting Bracket allows you to mount any KC light to .75" to 3.0" diameter round light bars and roof racks. Features a 2-piece black tube clamp design, rubber adjustment shims included.

    Tube Diameter

    • .75" to 1"
    • 1.25" to 1.5"
    • 1.75" to 2"
    • 2.25" to 2.5"
    • 2.75" to 3"