SlimLite® 8" LED - Bundle

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This bundle includes two SlimLite 8" single lights with brackets and hardware, two black with yellow KC logo light covers, and a wiring harness with switch to power two lights, which will be added to your cart as individual SKUs. You may also choose to add optional accessories and quantities which can be updated in the cart.

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The KC SlimLite® 8" light blends full-size performance with a slim profile, offering iconic KC styling while packing a punch without excess frills.

Putting out a trail-blazing 12,384 lumens per light, it's perfect for full-size trucks, vans, and Jeeps, offering unparalleled brightness and iconic styling. Its durable polycarbonate lens and lightweight aluminum housing withstands tough conditions, while the MoistureBlock® technology ensures a secure, weather-proof connection. With separately available shields, it can be used as your on-road SAE light or your off-road powerhouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the beam patterns available for the SlimLite® 8"? Why do I only see it available in Spot Beam?

Every SlimLite® 8" light comes as a Spot Beam pattern. However, you can change the beam pattern of the light with shields that simply snap onto the face of the light. These shields are available in SAE Driving and Spread beam patterns.

What is the difference between the Driving Amber shield vs the SAE Driving shields?

In terms of actual beam pattern, they are the same. The horizontal and vertical throws of the shield are identical. However, because the Amber color isn't compliant with SAE standards, it is intended to only be used off-road despite having the same beam pattern as the SAE Driving beam shields.

When can I use the SlimLite® 8” lights on paved streets and roadways?

Our SAE Driving beam shields are compliant with SAE standards. In order to be road-worthy in most states (local regulations apply), these shields must be used on SlimLite® 8” lights that are mounted in line with, or below, the vehicle's headlights. In addition, it's best to use them as you would your high beams. Depending on your state, lights mounted above your headlights may still need to use the included cover when traveling on public roadways.

Can I mount the SlimLite® 8" lights upside down?

Sure! You can mount and orient the light right side up or upside down due to the fully symmetric beam pattern.

What do the Stone Guards do?

The Stone Guards are a way to add extra protection and styling to your SlimLite, while also not having to worry about removing them when you turn the lights on.

What exactly is MoistureBlock®?

MoistureBlock® is a patented technology created by DSM&T that prevents moisture from entering the light. We worked with them to incorporate this into the panel mount connector on the back of the light to stop water, oil and other fluids from migrating in either direction, preventing damage to involved internal circuits.

How does the wiring harness connect to the SlimLite® 8" lights?

Rather than a traditional pigtail coming out of the back of the light, we opted for a direct plug-in, panel mount connector on the back of the SlimLite. This creates a simplified and a neater wiring job.

What is included with the #1101 SKU?

A SlimLite® 8" light (SKU 1101) includes 1x SlimLite® 8" Light, 1x KC Cover, and Mounting Hardware. We currently do not have one SKU that contains two lights and a wiring harness all-in-one, so all components must be purchased separately.

What is included with the bundle as shown on this page?

This page is a bundle that adds individual finished SKUs to cart, meaning that all the items are purchased separately, and can be warrantied as such. This bundle includes QTY 2 of SKU 1101 (SlimLite® 8" Light as described above), and QTY 1 of SKU 6312 (the complete wiring harness for two SlimLite® 8" lights).

Do the SlimLite® 8" lights include blackout covers?


Can I use light locks with the SlimLites?

Yes, light locks are compatible with the SlimLite® 8" lights. Use SKU 7223 aka the M10-1.5 Light Lock Security Nut Set. But remember, don't lose the included key! Otherwise you'll have a fun evening with an angle grinder if you ever need to remove the lights.

Can I customize my SlimLite covers?

Customize SlimLite® 8" LED - Bundle
2 x SlimLite® 8" LED - Single Light - 138W Spot Beam   + $349.99
SlimLite® 8" LED - Single Light - 138W Spot Beam
1 x SlimLite® 8" LED - Wiring Harness with Switch   + $79.99
SlimLite® 8" LED - Wiring Harness with Switch
SlimLite® 8" LED - Light Shield - Clear
SlimLite® 8" LED - Light Shield - Amber
SlimLite®️ 8" LED - Light Shield - SAE Driving - Clear
SlimLite® 8" LED - Light Shield - SAE Driving - Selective Yellow
SlimLite® 8" LED - Light Shield - Driving - Amber
SlimLite® 8" LED - Stone Guard - Black
Cover; Retro 8" Vinyl Yellow w/ Black KC Soft (pr)
8" Light Cover - Soft Vinyl - Pair - Black / Yellow KC Logo
Cover; Retro 8" Vinyl Yellow w/ "THE ORIGINAL" Smiley Sunglasses (pr)
Universal Wire Hider
KC LKZ - M10-1.5 Light Lock Security Nut Set

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SlimLite® 8" LED - Bundle
SlimLite® 8" LED - Bundle

In stock


    Editorial Content
    Mercedes Sprinter with sunset backdrop, 2x SlimLite 8” LEDs (SKU 1101) on bumper and 5x overhead turned on, in a 3/4 view.


    Side view of 2x SlimLite 8" LEDs (SKU 1101) on the bumper of a Jeep Wrangler JK, illuminated at sunset.

    Explore the Uncharted

    The SlimLite 8" combines a full-size yet slim design with best-in-class brightness. Blasting out 12,384 lumens, it's a perfect fit for any off-road adventure in full-size trucks, vans, or Jeeps. This light is all about maximum visibility and iconic styling.

    Wide shot of Storyteller Overland GXV HILT with sunset backdrop, equipped with 5 overhead SlimLite 8" LEDs (SKU 1101).

    Explore with Confidence

    Engineered for the rugged, the SlimLite 8" features a durable polycarbonate lens embedded within a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum housing. Whether it's dust, rocks, or branches, this light is built to endure and light everything in your path.

    Macro shot of SlimLite 8" (SKU 1101) back, highlighting the panel mount connector with MoistureBlock technology.

    Explore with Peace of Mind

    An innovative wiring plug built directly into the housing features MoistureBlock® technology. This keeps all the bad stuff out, while ensuring the SlimLite 8" maintains a secure and weather-proof connection despite what the trails throw at you.

    Man fitting clear shields on four SlimLite 8" (SKU 1101) lights on Ram 2500s bumper, in rain under gray skies.

    Explore with Options

    With a variety of available snap-on shields, pick what suits you best. If you find yourself on streets as often as the dirt, choose from SAE on-road use Clear or Selective Yellow Shields. If you just want maximum coverage, then the off-road shields in Clear or Amber Shields are available for you.



    The SlimLite 8" honors the iconic style of the past while creating a path to the future. The shallow housing depth allows it to fit in the tightest bumpers of vans, trucks, and other rigs while delivering tremendous light output.


    Mount the SlimLite 8" on anything deserving of a full-size light, from Sprinter Vans to Land Cruisers to Super Duties. The powerful, no-frills output ensures you can see anything on the street or trail in front of you.


    For those who roam the asphalt as frequently as the trails, we've got you covered with SAE Clear or Yellow Driving Beam Shields. Craving the untamed wilderness? Opt for our off-road shields, available in the same vibrant colors plus Amber, for unmatched ability to fine-tune your beam. Your light, your rules.


    This SlimLite 8" kit is purposely bundled to include everything you need to get up and running quickly so you can spend less time in the garage and more time out on the trails.

    SlimLite® 8" Light (2)
    Light Cover - Black with Yellow KC Logo (2)
    SlimLite® 8" Wiring Harness with Switch (1)
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