Rock Lights

Rock lights are an essential accessory you want to go off road and have a great experience while at it. Our Cyclone lights are perfect for this application and can be used both for front and rear lighting, can help you figure out ideal wheel positioning in difficult terrain and will always ensure you see exactly what you're going over. Built to face extreme conditions and with versatility in mind, Cyclone lights will surely be up for the task.

Jeep JK Rock Light Kit

  1. 295.39
    Jeep Wrangler JK’s combine perfectly with KC’s new Cyclone LED rock light kit, which includes Cyclone LED lights, mounts (no drilling required), and complete wiring harness. This kit is available in either 4-light or 6-light configurations.


  1. 180.99
    KC C-Series 6-PC RGB Rock Light Kit features (6) KC C-Series RGB rock lights with plug-n-play waterproof connectors, and wireless light color control and advanced features via KC's mobile bluetooth app for iOS/Android devices.

Build Your Own Rock Lighting Kit

KC HiLITES Universal Light

  1. 30.91
    KC HiLiTES 5w Cyclone LED is a multi-functional 2.2"auxiliary LED lighting solution. Universal mount design for a wide range of lighting applications: rock crawling to engine bays, wheel wheels & more. Available in six different colors.

KC HiLITES Tube Mounts

With a little bit of handywork and the proper components, assembling and installing your own can be a fun and satifying experience. With Cyclone lights, you can also experiment with various light colors if you're going for an aesthetics focused build.

  1. 16.61
    KC 13562 Cyclone Tube Mount Adapter allows users to mount KC Hilites Cyclone LED light to flat or tubular surfaces with simple attachment devices (i.e. hose clamps and zip ties). Kit includes screw, washer mount, and rubber pad.
  2. 20.48
    KC 13561 Cyclone Tube Mount Adapter allows users to mount KC Hilites Cyclone LED light to 1" - 1.75" tubular surfaces. Beveled and flat design for tubular or flat applications. Kit includes a strap, screw, and washer mount and rubber pad.

    1-75" - 3" version also compatible & available.

KC HiLITES Cyclone Wiring Harness

  1. 55.33
    The KC 63082 Universal Wiring Harness with matching connectors is designed for the wiring and operation of two Cyclone LED lights. Complete with 40A Deluxe wiring harness, switch and hardware necessary for installation.