KC Motorcycle Lights

After many requests from our customers and fans, we've begun expanding our product selection to cater to motorcycle enthusiasts, tinkeres and casual riders.

Although we have various lights & headlights that can be easily be retrofited at a shop to fit most motorcycle models, we haven't developed standardized mounts for various popular lights and after careful consideration, we've started working on a few solutions that will be available in the following months, including:

  • Single, Double & Quad Lights
  • Specialized Mounts
  • Lighting Accessories

Don't Stay In The Dark

If you want to be one of the first to enjoy the full KC HiLITES lighting experience on your motorcycle, just sign up and we'll announce you as soon as we launch the new packs and mounts. We'll also have a few subscriber exclusive promotions to thank you for your continued support!

While We're Working On It...

If you're looking for lights you could order right now for your motorcycle, keep on scrolling! We have a few options available, as long as you're up for some tinkering.

KC Motorcycle Lights For
- Enthusiasts & Tinkerers -

Disclaimer: we only recommend the following lights for enthusiasts & tinkerers, as we do not yet provide brand & model specific mounts, universal mounts or custom made mounts for motorcycles.

With that being said, many of our customers have successfully installed the following lights on their motorcycles:


FLEX Single Light Pair Pack System

KC FLEX™ Single LED feature bright CREE LEDs in a spot or spread beam pattern inside a compact, rugged Aluminum housing with precision reflectors. Pair includes complete wiring harness and u-brackets.

20W LEDs

Beam Patterns: Spread | Spot


FLEX Dual Light System

KC HiLiTES KC FLEX™ Dual LED Light feature 20w of LED power in a spot or spread beam pattern. Compact black aluminum design, precision tuned reflectors with a patented power system for endless linking and stacking of lights.

20W LEDs

Beam Patterns: Spread | Spot


LZR Cube Pair Pack System

KC HiLites 3" LZR LED CUBE feature bright, highly efficient CREE LEDs in spread beam pattern with compact turbine Air-cooled fin aluminum housing design and polycarbonate lens. System includes 2 cube LED lights and complete wiring harness.

20W LEDs

Beam Patterns: Spread

Recommended Accessories

KC HiLITES Relay Wiring Harness

  1. 59.78
    KC Hilites 6315 Relay Wiring Harness Kit allows for quick installation for up to two 130w lights. Harness complete with 40A relay, illuminated rocker switch kit, fuses and mounting hardware to handle up to 260w.

KC HiLITES Universal Tube Clamp Mounting Brackets

  1. 17.81
    KC HiLiTES Universal Tube Clamp Mounting Brackets allow you to mount any KC light to .75" to 3.0" diameter round light bars and roof racks. Features a 2-piece black tube clamp design, rubber adjustment shims included.

KC HiLITES Universal Lighting

  1. 30.91
    KC HiLiTES 5w Cyclone LED is a multi-functional 2.2"auxiliary LED lighting solution. Universal mount design for a wide range of lighting applications: rock crawling to engine bays, wheel wheels & more. Available in six different colors.