Lights Your Way

NOTICE: The KC's Lights Your Way contest has ended and we've announced the winning submissions below. We're currently contacting the winners and we'll send every participant a little KC surprise via mail on Monday, October 31st. Your submissions have made our day(s)! Thank you for participating!

Our fans keep sending in a lot of amazing light configurations and customizations they've made to their favorite vehicle. In light of that excitement & love we've seen around our products, we decided to take this a step further and make a contest out of it so we can share with the world just how versatile KC lights are.

Join the contest by sending us any picture of your vehicle rocking any KC HiLITES lights or accessories and you're automatically eligible to win one of the prizes offered. Awards will be decided based on their popularity (number of likes & shares).

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1st Place (159 Points)

2nd Place (129 Points)

3rd Place (89 Points)

4th Place (86 Points)

5th Place (83 Points)

As promised, 1st place gets the Pro6 Single Pair Pack System, 2nd place gets the KC FLEX™ LED Single Pair Pack and 3rd, 4th and 5th places each get a Cyclone LED Light (color by choice) and a Fixed Focus LED Flashlight.

1st Prize


Pro6 Single Pair Pack System

The Gravity® LED Pro6 Single is an LED off-road light using the Infinity Ring™ housing encasing a Gravity LED G6 optical insert and mounts via an all-new ball-mount system, giving you output and versatility in one.

2nd Prize


FLEX Dual Light System

KC FLEX™ Single LED feature bright CREE LEDs in a spot or spread beam pattern inside a compact, rugged Aluminum housing with precision reflectors. Pair includes complete wiring harness and u-brackets.

3rd Prize


LZR Cube Pair Pack System

KC HiLiTES 5w Cyclone LED is a multi-functional 2.2"auxiliary LED lighting solution. Universal mount design for a wide range of lighting applications: rock crawling to engine bays, wheel wheels & more. Available in six different colors.

We're also giving out a free LED fixed focus flashlight as well for each Cyclone winner!

The Contest Submission Period Has Ended

The contest has ended, but if you want to show off your lights, feel free to post your photo and tag us on Facebook, Instagram or on Twitter!

The submissions gallery will be published along all our other fan submissions in the following months. For now, we're busy preparing some great things for you since Black Friday and the winter holidays.

Contest Rules & Other Useful Info

  Contest Timeline:

The "KC Lights Your Way" contest is open to submission starting from October 1st 2016 to October 26th 2016.

The winners will be announced via mail and on KC's Facebook page by October 30th.

  Contest Eligibility:

Any KC customer (it doesn't matter if the KC lights were purchased directly from KC HiLITES) over 18, legal resident of the United States of America is eligible for this contest.

  Submission Restrictions:

Any photos containing nudity or anything that could be considered inappropriate imagery will be removed from the contest.

  Awarded Prizes:

1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes consist of 1 Pro6 Single Pair Pack System, 1 FLEX™ LED Dual Light System and 3 x Cyclone 2" Single LED Lights.

One unit of each product will be awarded. Any shipping costs will be covered by KC HiLITES, within the contiguous 48 states.

  Determining Winners:

We will review all photos after October 24th. The prizes will be awarded in the order of number of points (quantified in likes) the photos have received.

  Voting Restrictions:

The use of bots or any automatic programs to influence the number of votes / like will result in immediate disqualification.

» How does the points system work?

There are three ways of accumulating points:

1. Submitting through the form above - 1 point
2. Getting likes on your submission - 1 point per like
3. Sharing the picture on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter using the hashtag #kclightsyourway - 1 point per network

At the end of the contest we'll check each entry to make sure we choose the participants who accumulated the most points.

» Why is my photo showing multiple times?

If you use the sharing methods from above you might see your picture display multiple times in the gallery. Don't worry - we'll make sure to review entries and sum up the number of likes if they are distributed across multiple entries.

» Can I submit multiple photos?

We recommend that you submit the best looking one, but if you want to submit multiple photos, you can post them on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter using the #kclightsyourway hashtag while mentioning @kchilites and they'll be automatically included in the gallery.

» Are there any photography rules?

We recommend avoiding the inclusion of people in photos (privacy & legal concerns), any offensive signs / depictions in the background. Other than that, have fun getting a great shot of your vehicle!

By entering the KC Lights Your Way contest through hashtag based sharing or submitting data through the form on this page you agree to the Official Contest Rules and accept its terms & conditions.