Long Range Light Options

Off Road Lights For Going Fast

If you have a need for speed while off-roading, then we have some light options that you can't out run. There's the 7" Carbon POD LEDs powered by our 40W G7 LED optical insert using KC patented Gravity® Reflective Diode system, delivers 4,100 lx @10m of light output, consuming only 3.09A per light. KC's patented Gravity® Reflective Diode system aims LEDs into precision reflectors, capturing all light to project it forward. We also have our Pro6 Light Bars, which are specifically configured using a combination of SAE/ECE Driving and Wide-40 G6 LED optical inserts that will provide a powerful forward distance and equal beam distribution. From there we have the KC FLEX Light Bar system, LZR pods, FLEX Quads and always classic Daylighter spot - it just depends on your application and the look you're going for.