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For over 50 years, the KC brand has been a symbol of outdoor freedom, adventure, quality, and performance. We take features engineered for off-road racing and design them into unique lighting and adventure products used by those who have a thirst for the paths less traveled. We stand for the outdoor enthusiasts - from off-roaders to hikers to mountain bikers and anyone in-between - because that’s who we are, and we make products to allow us all to adventure further.

Go further into the night

See Marco’s (OvrlandX) lighting setup that allows him
to take the path less traveled.


Cyclone LED Rock Light Kit for 07-19 Jeep JK / JL

This multi-function auxiliary LED light can be used in wheel wells and undercarriages to help traverse rough terrain at night.


The ultra wide 120° flood reflector optics are ideal for illuminating immediate areas as a scene, work or camp light.

Pro-Sport Gravity LED Pair Pack

To create a combo beam pattern, a pair of spots are placed in the middle and one driving beam is placed on the passenger and driver side of the vehicle.

Pro-Sport Gravity LED Pair Pack

Being placed on the bull bar, spot beams are placed to help throw more light further down the trail.

Gravity LED Pro Headlight

The 7" headlight uses proprietary projector lens technology to deliver a more controlled beam pattern both on and off-road.

Gravity LED G4 Fog Light Pair Pack

Plug-n-play fog light that comes in clear or amber. Amber LEDs are ideal for low visibility conditions in dust and snow.