FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar - Performance Yellow Spot Beam Lens for Light Bars

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Elevate your KC FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar's prowess with our Spot Beam Lens in Performance Yellow. Specifically colored for enhanced visibility in dust and varying conditions, this lens focuses light for long-distance clarity while keeping your light bar secure. From desert terrains to dusty trails, embrace a brighter, purer yellow illumination. 

These Performance Yellow Spot Beam Lenses for the KC FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar present a brilliant solution to challenging visibility conditions. The subtle yellow hue offers a bright output that's best in dusty and similar conditions. This spot beam lens sharpens light output for greater distance, ensuring you have clear sight of what lies ahead. And, as with all our lenses, it provides steadfast protection to your light bar's internals.

-Performance Yellow Lens for Enhanced Visibility in Mixed Visibility Conditions
-Spot Beam Pattern for Long-Distance Illumination
-Protects Light Bar Internals from the Elements
-For FLEX ERA® LED Light Bars
-Available in 10" Segments

When you venture into environments where visibility is a challenge, our Performance Yellow Spot Beam Lens shines bright. This lens brings out the best in your KC FLEX ERA Light Bar, giving you the advantage in a variety of conditions.

Ever wondered about the difference between our Amber Shields and Performance Yellow Lenses? While both enhance visibility in poor visibility conditions, Amber Shields will excel in extreme conditions like highly dense dust or silt, with their darker hue minimizing glare. On the other hand, our Performance Yellow Lenses offer a purer, brighter yellow output, making them great for a broader range of conditions from dust to wide-open and clear environments.

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