FLEX ERA® 3 - 2-Light Master Kit

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SKU 0288
Weight 3.750000
Candela 49,800 cd (Combo) / 126,000 cd (Spot)
Lumens 4,383 lm
Lux 498 lx (Combo) / 1,260 lx (Spot)
Beam Distance 223 m (Combo) / 353 m (Spot) @ 1 Lux
Wattage Per Light 60W (White) / 2W (Amber)
Total Wattage 120W (White) / 4W (Amber)
Voltage 9V-16V
Amp Draw 4.94 a (White) / 0.18 a (Amber)
Beam Pattern Combo
Light Temperature 5000K
DOT Compliant No
Lens Color Clear
Light Color White
Product Dimensions W - 3.6" x H - 3.5" x D - 2.6"
Type FE3
Family / Series FLEX ERA
Material Aluminum Alloy
Finish Black
Mount Location A-Pillar / Ditch / Windshield, Bumper
UPC 084709002886
Color Black
In The Box 2 x KC FLEX ERA® 3 LED Combo Beam Lights, 2 x Spot Beam Lenses, 2 x Spare O-Rings, 2 x Black and Yellow KC Logo Covers, 1 x Complete Wiring Kit with Weatherproof Connectors, 1 x 3-Position Switch, 1 x B.O.L.T. Cover Removal Tool
IP rating IP68
Prop 65 No
Size 3.5"
Alternate Mounting Solutions

As much about performance as it is about style, the KC FLEX ERA® 3 is the ultimate combination of unique styling and raw horsepower. The powerful yet still compact FE3 is ready to light up everything trail in your path.

This unique light retains the iconic features of its FLEX ERA brethren: high-performance output, versatility, customization, durability, and distinctive aesthetic design.

Near the top of the power rankings in the FLEX ERA family, the FE3 outputs an impressive 4,383 lumens of intense brightness, in a compact 3.6" by 3.5" size. The light's trail-blazing potency will reach deep into the darkness, delivering clarity and visibility.

At the heart of it all, the unique FLEX ERA® 3 isn't just about lighting up the trail, it's about illuminating the spirit of Adventure. Whether you're off-roading in Jeeps, trucks, or UTVs, the FE3 is ready to guide you on your way!

  • Master Kit includes all beam pattern lenses:
    • Pre-assembled in combo beam
    • Spot beam lenses
  • Two power modes for style and performance:
    • Amber LED backlight
    • Full power (off-road use only)
  • Mountable right side up or upside-down
  • Customizable machined bezel colors (sold separately)
  • High-performance output
  • Versatile to be used as ditch lights or bumper lights, on various off-road rigs
  • Thermal LED protection
  • IP68 rated
  • Race-Proven Durability
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum recommended fuse sizes for the FLEX ERA® 3 Master Pack 2-Light System?

The FLEX ERA® 3 Master Pack 2-Light System requires specific minimum fuse sizes to ensure safe and optimal performance.

2-Light System: White/High 15a, Amber Backlight 3a

What exactly is a "Master Kit"?

The new Master Kits now include both beam pattern lenses in the box, rather than needing to buy them separately. Each light will come pre-assembled with the popular Combo Beam lens, along with the Spot Beam lenses and spare gaskets in the box as well.

Are these lights different from the previous FLEX ERA 3 lights?

Yes. While the housing, looks, and overall design has stayed the same, we have upgraded the performance. Due to our continued efforts to constantly improve our products, the next-generation FE3 lights implemented in June 2024, feature new LEDs. These now make for a 60W light compared to the previous 40W FE3 light.

What happened to the previous SKUs 1282, 0282, 1283, and 0283?

These are discontinued and will no longer be available. Instead, they are transitioned into two new consolidated Master Kits - SKU 0288 for the pair pack and SKU 1288 for the single light option.

Does the FLEX ERA® 3 include an amber backlight?

Yes. The FE3s have the main power circuit for the white/high mode and also uses a second power circuit to offer the Amber Backlight.

When should I use the included spot beam or combo beam lenses?

For those that desire the furthest possible distance out of their light output, the Spot Beam lenses will perform best. For those that want short to mid-range distance coverage while also having more horizontal coverage, the pre-assembled Combo Beam lenses will be best.

Since the lens is designed to be swappable, how does this impact the warranty should anything happen?

Our standard KC Adventure Further Guarantee applies to these lights. We encourage you to swap out your lenses to see what works best for you - just do so in a clean and controlled environment. Feel free to check out our installation videos for best practices or give us a call and we'll be happy to assist!

Can I mount my FE3 lights upside down?

Yes! The light itself can be mounted upside down, or you can flip the bracket over 180deg on the light in order to top-mount the light for more versatility as well.

Can I wire more than 2 pairs of FLEX ERA® 3 together?

At this time we do not have a wire harness that will achieve this. That being said, we have seen our customers using a switching system like their factory switch panels, sPOD, or SwitchPro type system to power these lights using a single switch.

Are the kits available without switches, fuses, and relays etc.?

A FLEX ERA® 3 Single light Master Kit (SKU 1288) can be purchased which includes 1x FLEX ERA® 3 Light, 1x Spot Lens, 1x KC Cover, and Mounting Hardware. For pair packs, we currently don't plan to offer full kits without switches, fuses, and relays as we aim to include everything someone would need for a complete install.

Do the FLEX ERA® 3 lights include blackout covers?

Yep! Included with the FE3 lights are our opaque Black with Yellow KC covers.

Do I need to use covers on my lights when driving on public roads?

All locales have different rules/regulations. Check with your local and state laws regarding the need for covers on auxiliary lights and whether you need them or not.

Can I customize my FLEX ERA covers?

Editorial Content

For Any Terrain and Environment

A KC FLEX ERA 3 (SKU 288) equipped Ford Bronco with the amber backlights turned on.

One of a Kind

Front to back, the KC FLEX ERA 3 is a 100% one-of-a-kind light that packs the output of a larger light into a smaller, triangular package. A specialized finned housing design keeps the light cool on all your adventures, ensuring the 60W LED output remains at its peak.

Image of the KC FLEX ERA 3 (SKU 288) lights and Master Kits on an assembly table being put together and packaged.


Gone are the days of having to guess which beam pattern will be best for you. The KC FLEX ERA® 3 Master Kit bundles two lights + both beam pattern lenses + spare o-rings + black and yellow KC logo covers + a complete wiring kit for everything you need to spend less time in the garage and more time out on the trails.

Closeup image of a KC FLEX ERA 3 (SKU 1288) with the amber backlight turned on.


The FLEX ERA® 3 helps you stand out in the crowd thanks to its Amber LED backlight. This can be used on-road or off-road, daytime or night time, and gives you an added touch of style.

Closeup image of a KC FLEX ERA 3 (SKU 1288) on the mirror of a UTV built by Jagged X with a red accent trim bezel installed.


As your adventure changes so can your beam pattern. Change your beam pattern simply by replacing your lens optic.

Closeup of a KC FLEX ERA 3 (SKU 1288) with the amber backlight on and a Performance Yellow lens and Black Bezel installed.


We get it, everyone loves to personalize their rig. That's why we stuck with our tried and true FLEX LED® tradition and ensured that you can change and stylize the colored accent bezel to match your rig. The FE3 bezels come standard in gold, but you can pick up the bezels in deep red, rich blue, or gloss black to suit your needs.


A Jimmy's 4x4 race chassic featuring KC FLEX ERA 3 (SKU 288) lights driving through the desert and slinging dirt and sand.


Our products go through rigorous testing which always begin in the most demanding situations, and finish with being race-proven.

A Jeep JK with KC FLEX ERA 3 (SKU 288) lights installed on the steering knuckles driving through a winter storm in the snow.


Rain, fog, snow and sleet. The FLEX ERA family of products are designed to withstand unpredictable elements.

Closeup image of a KC FLEX ERA 3 (SKU 1288) on a Jeep JL ditch bracket with a blue accent trim bezel installed.


From colored bezels, to Performance Yellow lenses, they can easily be configured for a specific look or performance need.


Every set of FE3s comes standard as a Master Kit with absolutely everything you need to get up and running quickly so you can spend less time in the garage and more time out on the trails.

60W KC® FLEX ERA® 3 LED Lights
w/ Combo Beam Lenses (pre-installed) (2)
Spot Beam Lenses (2)
Light Covers - Black with Yellow
KC Logo (2)
Complete Wiring Harness with
Weatherproof Connectors and
3-Position Rocker Switch (1)
B.O.L.T. Cover Removal Tool (1)
Spare O-Rings (2)
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