Nearly two years ago, the unique FLEX ERA® 3 off-road lights took the off-road market by storm by offering performance in a compact package that had never been seen before. Now, most people know about its race-tested durability and its signature aesthetic design, but there are still some elements about the FE3 lights that are little known; some Easter eggs that have previously only been known by those that are the most familiar with the lights.

1. Upside Down, Downside Up?

One of the BIGGEST things that people don’t realize about the FLEX ERA® 3 is that you can actually mount it two different ways! With the triangular shape and the specially designed bracket, you can flip the light itself upside down while keeping the bracket at the bottom for a different look! Or, take it one step further and you can alternate the mounting style of lights that are in a row next to one another, for a completely custom looking bar with multiple lights that sleekly nestle next to one another for a truly custom application.

Grille showing different mounting options
Close up of FLEX ERA 3 light

2. Brighter is Better

From the beginning, the FE3s have featured a unique Amber LED Backlight to them for a bit of extra flare while driving around at night. These are intended to be a sort of “marker” light or simply one just to look cool that can be used while on the streets, rather than an amber light projecting outward for distance. However, many customers were asking for it to be slightly brighter to be seen easier during the day. So we took that feedback and increased the output of the Amber LED so that it’s now much more visible during the day, but isn’t so bright that it blinds or annoys oncoming traffic at night.

Ultra close up of FLEX ERA 3 light
FLEX ERA 3 at dusk

3. Customize and Stylize

Nearly a decade ago KC set out on a mission to develop an LED light that carried an element of customization built into the light itself, and we continued that theme with the FLEX ERA® family of lights. Now, you can customize your lights with the machined aluminum accent bezel in a variety of colors beyond the gold that comes standard with colors including: black, red, or blue (or whatever color of spray paint you can find at the store!). In addition, it’s now easier than ever to swap out the beam patterns to be custom to what you need over time. Simply pull out the three bolts on the face of the lights and remove the bezel and current lens, and drop in the other beam patterns lens along with the included gasket seal and you’re good to go!

FLEX ERA 3 with optional bezels, covers & shields