Learn some unique mounting locations for lights that you may have never realized were even possible.


Of all the off-road rigs in the world, it’s hard to argue that Jeeps are among the most popular and most accessorized. This leads to some insane levels of customization with a plethora of available aftermarket parts to be able to build the Jeep to your exact needs and specs. Being able to mount lights in some really unique and low-profile locations has never been easier. In this article, we’re going to cover 3 of our favorite ways that we’ve seen people mount the KC FLEX ERA® 1 lights to their Jeep.

Where can the FE1s be used?


When we set out to create the FLEX ERA 1 light, we knew we wanted this to be an incredibly versatile light that also packs major performance. We wanted this light to be the go-to light for any of the small nooks-and-crannies, so we kept it a compact size of less than 2.7” so that the FE1 can be used as forward-facing, side-facing, or rear-facing lighting.

Mount #1 - Jeep Steering Knuckle Lights

Perhaps one of the most innovative methods for mounting lights onto Jeep that we’ve seen recently are mounts that place pod lights directly on top of the steering knuckles, like these from Gatekeeper Off Road. The really beneficial aspect of these is that as you turn your steering wheel, the lights turn in tandem with your tires and wheels. taking your on and off road visibility to another level. These are great for those that use their Jeeps for slower rock crawling because they illuminate the area that you’re turning into. Another benefit is that because the lights are mounted so low, there will be no glare back into your eyes and they’ll cut through fog and dust with ease when an Amber Shield is snapped over the FLEX ERA 1 light.

Mount #2 - Flush Mounted Rear Bumper Lights

Another great mounting location for the FLEX ERA 1s on a Jeep is in the rear bumper as a great way to ensure your rear-end is protected. When you have lights mounted in the back of your Jeep aimed backwards, anyone traveling behind you in heavy dust can see exactly where you are in the day or night when all else has disappeared in a cloud of silt. They also can be used as backup lights for reversing on the trail or the driveway. Using our flush mounts for the FE1s, they are tucked out of the way and well protected from any rocks with a sleek look to boot.

Mount #3 - Spare Tire Delete Light Mounts

Similar in use to the flush mounts listed above, is making use of other common locations after modifications such as using the Rebel Off Road Spare Tire Delete Kit. This kit places lights where the spare tire on a Jeep would usually be, and creates a clean and organized mount for a variety of accessories. On the top of these mounts is an accessory rail that is perfect for adding two FE1 lights to aim backwards and use as rear-facing dust lights.