Build of the Week - 1973 Jeepster Commando

Week Two

Week two brings us an awesome 1973 Jeepster Commando build by @JeepsterMcJeepFace on Instagram. This completely custom build gives a lot of love to our Gravity LED line with the KC Gravity LED Headlights as well as the popular Pro6 Light Bar.

The Gravity LED Headlights are available with a few different options. The standard replacement Gravity 7” Headlight comes with options for the 07-17 Jeep JK as well as options for the 1997-2006 Jeep TJ with the H4 connection. @JeepsterMcJeepFace modified his vehicle in order to be able to use the TJ version of the Gravity LED Headlights. These are much brighter than the stock jeep headlights and are rated at 1,260 lm for the low beams and 3,666 lm for the high beams, 275 lm DRL, Lux @ 10 Meters: Low- 415 lx, High- 775 lx, Candela: Low- 41,500 cd, High- 77,500 cd, beam distance: Low- 407m, High- 557m with a color temperature of 5000K.

Our LED Headlight options can be viewed here.

Like last week’s Tacoma build this Jeepster Commando is also topped with the popular GRAVITY® LED PRO6 LIGHT BAR. The Pro6 is available in a variety of sizes and with a handful of different mounting options to fit most popular vehicles. Mounted on this build is the 6 light Pro6 Universal Light Bar. This 39” 6 Ring bar is rated at 13,800 lm, 5,150 lx, 515,000 cd, and has a beam distance of 1,435m. The universal Light Bar does come with our standard black covers with yellow KC letters. While we do not have different cover options yet, a lot of our customers have been printing their own stickers to match their builds using our Sticker template which you can find here.

That is it for this weeks build. See full specs below and check out @JeepsterMcJeepFace on Instagram .

Build Gallery:

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-1973 Jeepster Commando

Fabrication by Green Country Off-Road:
- Stretched TJ frame
- Custom Font & Rear Fenders
- Custom Firewall
- Cage
- Dashboard
- Center Console
- Stretched Hood
- Bumpers
- Skid Plates
- Axle Truss front and rear
- 4 link Suspension (rear)
- 3 link Suspension (front)
- Door panels & armor
- Cowl armor
- Custom Taillight fittings

- 6.1L Hemi
- Solid Axle Dana 60 Front & Rear (GCO Trussed)
- RCV 300m 40 spline axle shafts
- Yukon E-Locker
- Tom Woods Driveshafts
- Atlas Transfercase
- 545 RFE Transmission (Rebuild)
- Locar Shifter
- 42” Interco IRoks
- 17” ATX Slabs Beadlocks

Suspension & Steering:
- 14 Inch FOX Coilovers all around
- Fox Bumpstops
- Off Road Only SwayLoc front and rear
- PSC Steering & Hydraulic Assist

- Spod HD Switch Panel
- PRP Seats
- PRP Harness
- Black Forest Gear Freezer Fridge
- Spiderwebshade
- Autometer Gauges

- Warn Zeon Winch
- Factor 55 Splicer
- Custom Splice Synthetic Rope
- Custom Splice Fair Lead
- HiLift Jack

- KC HiLites Pro6 Lightbar
- KC HiLites Headlights
- Off Road Only LiteSpot Rock Lights & Interior Lights

KC Products In This Build:

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