Build of the Week - 2016 Toyota Tacoma

Week One

At KC HILITES we get asked about all kinds of different applications for our lights. Our customers use our products for off road recreation, utility vehicle applications, marine vehicle applications and so much more. We decided to start this new series of posts to give inspiration to some of our fans and to display some cool looking builds.

Let’s take a look at the lights he used on this build starting with the ones installed in the aftermarket bumper by CBI Offroad Fab. Front and center we see the 20" KC FLEX™ LED Light Bar System. Featuring a 5-core to 25-core aluminum design and a patent pending power system for endless linking and stacking of lights. The KC FLEX™ LED Light Bar System outputs 50w to 250w of LED power in a combo spot/spread beam pattern. Combine this light bar with a couple extra KC FLEX™ LED single lights and you can customize your light bar to fit your every need. The 20” Flex array mounted on STVSTOY’s Tacoma puts out 9,750 lumens, has a lux of 1900lx at 10 meters, and candela of 190,000cd.
(More Options and Accessories for FLEX™ LEDs can be found HERE)

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Sitting next to the KC FLEX™ LED Light Bar we have the GRAVITY® LED G4 TOYOTA LED FOG LIGHT PAIR PACK SYSTEM. These fog lights have a mount that is specifically made to be a plug and play replacement for Toyota’s factory fog lights. These lights are made with a lightweight magnesium housing and are protected by a super durable shatterproof polycarbonate lens. On top of that, the GRAVITY® LED G4 TOYOTA LED FOG beam meets SAE J583 & ECE-R19 Street Legal compliance for on and off road needs.

Sitting on top of this off road beast is the GRAVITY® LED PRO6 LIGHT BAR. The Pro6 is available in a variety of sizes and with a handful of different mounting options to fit most popular vehicles. STVSTOY MGM is sporting the PRO6 Toyota Tacoma 8-light combo LED. This 50” light bar is rated at 18,400 lm, 6,700 lx, and 670,000 cd. Much like the FLEX™ LED light bar, the GRAVITY® PRO6 can also be customized with the addition of single lights to create the ultimate light bar to fit whatever application you need. Single lights are availiable in Spot, Spread, and Wide-40 beam patterns.

2016 Toyota Tacoma MGM DCSB Sport 4x4

-Icon Stage 4 System with Tubular Upper Control Arms
-Icon 14" 700 pound coil springs
-OME Dakar Leaf Springs from HeadStrong Off-Road
-All Pro U-bolt flip kit

-Front and Rear CBI T3 Bumpers CBI Offroad Fab
-Sliders by C4 Fabrication
-Skids (Front, Transmission, Xfer case) from Mobtown Offroad

-KC HiLites Gravity Pro6 LED Lightbar
-KC HiLites 20" KC FLEX™ ARRAY LED Light Bar

-Tailgate automatic lock and theft prevention from Pop & Lock LLC
-Steel braided brake lines from DMZ Fab & Race Prep
-Clazzio Leather Seat Covers (All Black)
-On board water system by Pro Force
-RedLine hood struts

For more information on this build see the full thread here

KC Products In This Build:

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