Build of the Week - XLR Industries' Polaris RZR

Week Seven

This week's build is an awesome RZR from @k.miller959 at XLR Industries.

The Pro6 light bar sits on top of this Polaris RZR. The Pro6 Six light bar is an amazing addition to any vehicle. The 6 light combo beam bar comes out to 39" long and is rated at 13,800 lm, 5,150 lx, 515,000 cd, and has a beam distance of 1,435m. The Pro6 line comes in sizes ranging from 32" to 57" bars. Depending on your vehicle and application. We have some mounts available for more popular vehicles as well as universal light bars available that will fit most aftermarket curved light bar mounts.
If you would like to print your own custom color stickers for Pro6 covers, we have a template available here.

Sitting in the front bumper/skid plate we see two10" KC FLEX™ LED arrays stakcked in the front grill of the RZR. TheKC FLEX™ LED array comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 10" to 50". This 10" KC FLEX™ LED is rated at 4,875 lm, 1,150 lx, 115,000 cd, and has a beam distance of 678m. For the size of the lights, that is a lot of output! Along with the KC FLEX™ LED Arrays, the KC KC FLEX™ LED lights can also be obtained as single lights, Dual lights, and Quad lights. You can find all KC FLEX™ LED options here. This build is also using our KC FLEX™ LED Amber covers.

Mounted on the A-pillars of this RZR are a pair of GRAVITY® LED G34 driving lights. These lights are 3"x4" rectangular lights that are rated at 2,300 lm, 600 lx, 60,000 cd, and have a beam distance of 490m. These lights come in three different beam patterns. Driving, Fog, and Wide-40 to fit most of your lighting needs.

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Build List:
2016 Polaris RZR XP 1000 Turbo 1.5” 4130 chassis

Gravity PRO-6
Gravity G34

RT Pro’s XP long travel kit

dual rate spring kit from RT Pro

HMF Titan
ECU tuning was also handled through HMF to optimize the exhaust changes

Fuel System:
Harmon 20-gallon under-seat option
Aeromotive Phantom 380 fuel pump
Aeromotive fuel regulator
full braided AN fuel lines
billet fuel rail

Tires and wheels:
ITP Ultracross R-spec tire
Method 401 race wheel

Sparco EVO 2 seats
Crow 5-point harnesses
Rugged Radio’s MAC pumper

CBR RZR Turbo specific radiator kit

Rugged Radios race specific 50-watt kit.


Products in this build:

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