Build of the Week - Off Road Tire Guy's RZR

Week Five

This week we have something new. An awesome UTV from Off Road Tire Guy. This thing is fully equipped with KC lights. With a Roof mounted 6 light Pro6 light bar, a front bumper mounted 10" KC FLEX array, and the rear facing Cyclones used for break and signal lights this RZR will have no troubles at night.

Starting at the top, the Pro6 Six light bar is an amazing addition to any vehicle. As we have seen in past posts, the Pro6 light bars are super bright. The 6 light comes out to 39" long and is rated at 13,800 lm, 5,150 lx, 515,000 cd, and has a beam distance of 1,435m. The Pro6 line comes in sizes ranging from 10" to 57" bars. Depending on your vehicle and application. We have some mounts available for more popular vehicles as well as universal light bars available that will fit most aftermarket curved light bar mounts.

Moving down a little we see the 5 light 10" Flex array. The FLEX array comes in a few sizes much like our other light bars ranging from 10" to 50". This 10" FLEX is rated at 4,875 lm, 1,150 lx, 115,000 cd, and has a beam distance of 678m. For the size of the lights, that is a lot of output! Along with the FLEX Arrays, the KC FLEX lights can also be obtained as single lights, Dual lights, and Quad lights. You can find all FLEX options here.

Finally in the rear of the vehicle, we see the Tail and break lights that are comprised of KC Cyclones. The Cyclone line comes in a variety of different colors depending on the needs of the vehicle. The color options are clear, red, amber, green, blue, and diffused clear. The cyclone lights come as individual lights, or in packages for certain uses like the under hood kit or even our Rock light kits for the jeeps. All of the Cyclone options can be found here.

Build Gallery:

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Build List:
Lights: KCHilites
Cage: Fabwerx
Wheels: Method Race Wheels
Tires: BFgoodrich
Communication: Rugged Radio's
Exhaust: Trinity Racing
Harness: Pro Armor
Suspension upgrades: Wolfpack Racing
Powder Coating: Powder1
Handling the power: XTC power module
Cooling the belt: K&N belt cold air intake

Products in this build:

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