Build of the Week - Dunewhore Bug

Week Six

A new take on an classic car. @dunewhore and @kibbetech teamed up to bring us this awesome bug that was on display at the 2017 Sand Sports Super Show this past weekend.

The ever popular Pro6 light bar tops this baja bug with custom printed brown KC logo stickers. The Pro6 Six light bar is an amazing addition to any vehicle. The 6 light combo beam bar comes out to 39" long and is rated at 13,800 lm, 5,150 lx, 515,000 cd, and has a beam distance of 1,435m. The Pro6 line comes in sizes ranging from 32" to 57" bars. Depending on your vehicle and application. We have some mounts available for more popular vehicles as well as universal light bars available that will fit most aftermarket curved light bar mounts.
If you would like to print your own custom color stickers for Pro6 covers, we have a template available here.

Sitting in the front bumper/skid plate we see a 10" Flex array. The FLEX array comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 10" to 50". This 10" FLEX is rated at 4,875 lm, 1,150 lx, 115,000 cd, and has a beam distance of 678m. For the size of the lights, that is a lot of output! Along with the FLEX Arrays, the KC FLEX lights can also be obtained as single lights, Dual lights, and Quad lights. You can find all FLEX options here.

The headlights on this bug consist of the Gravity LED Headlights for the Jeep JK seated in the housing from one of our discontinued lights the Rally 800 HIDs. The Gravity LED headlights are rated at 1,260 lm for the low beams and 3,666 lm for the high beams, 275 lm DRL, Lux @ 10 Meters: Low- 415 lx, High- 775 lx, Candela: Low- 41,500 cd, High- 77,500 cd, beam distance: Low- 407m, High- 557m with a color temperature of 5000K. These lights are available for the 07-17 Jeep JK as well as options for the 1997-2006 Jeep TJ with the H4 connection. We also carry a pro version of these headlights that you can find here.

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Build List:
1966 VW bug (slip body bug)
Kibbetech built 4130 chromoly tig welded tube chassis

Front Suspension;
8" over Heavy Duty Beam
Foddrill heavy duty arms and spindles
ProAm hubs and brakes
2.0" King Race Series coilovers
2.5" King Race Series 3-tube bypasses

Rear Suspension;
Foddrill 3x5 rear trailing arms
ProAm Hubs and brakes
2.0" King Race Series Coilovers
2.5" King Race Series 3-tube bypasses
3.5L Honda V6
Weddle HV1 Transaxle
Fuel Safe fuel cell
Custom PRP Alpha Containment Race Seats
MPI Innovations Steering Wheel
McQueen Class 5 Fiberglass dash
McQueen Carbon Fiber Hood
McQueen Carbon Fiber Side Scoops
McQueen Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Fenders
Lowrance GPS
Rugged Alpha Base Race Radio & Intercom
Rugged M3 Two-Person Air Pumper Systems
Raceline double beadlock adjustable offset wheels
BFGoodrich tires
Safecraft PB3 Fire Extinguishers
KDM Shock Technologies
Evan Weller Racing Plumbing
Vaderwerks custom vinyl wrap and graphics
Shine Supply Detailing
Hardwired Performance Race Wiring
'Dunehoon' ECU & Motor Tuning

Products in this build:

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