MINT OR BUST – Deep Dive with Isenhouer Racing

We spend a little time with the hairier half of the Isenhouer Brothers Racing team, Nick Isenhouer, to learn more about their start, their trucks and their lights.

Catch them and the KC team at this year’s upcoming MINT400 race
March 6th & 7th

Photos by Garret Spicer

KC talks with Nick Isenhouer of Isenhouer Brothers Racing and gets the low down on the road to the Mint400 and how crazy it's been getting everything together.

How did you guys get started in racing?

Growing up as kids we rode motorcycles and the baja bugs and trucks always caught our attention when down in the desert. In the 80s my dad helped a friend out with a class 10 car and was always feeding us stories about how much fun the old FUD races were in Plaster City. When I was 14 I bought a 1969 Ford F100 that my dad and I were going to tune up for me to drive to high school but the more and more we worked on it the more and more we knew we had to build an offroad truck. After a few years of building and missing my “Drive it to High School” dead line we had snowballed our F100 into a 1450 truck and in 2007 we raced our very first desert race in plaster city, just like the stories we grew up on from my mom and dad. The rest has been WILD.

How crazy has it been preparing for the Mint400?

This has been the wildest two months of my life honestly. We not only prepped and tested Chriss F100 but completed the F150/6100 from a bare chassis to a running truck. Im gunna need a week long nap after this one.

What class do you compete in?

The new truck will be ran in 6100. It has the sealed LS3 and complies with all the rules so why not!! The only thing different about it from the other Spec trucks is that it has a steel cab and working doors! The F100 will run in the 1450 class.

How does lighting play a role on your trucks and the races you compete in?

Lighting plays a HUGE role in the races that run into the night. Being able to see at night gives you the confidence to run just as hard in the dark as you do in the daylight. Having proper lights and set up can be a make or break for a race.

Which lights do you use and why?

We run the 70watt HID Carbon pods in the roof rack and the Flex LEDS in the bumper with some smaller Flex LED duals as cornering and ditch lights. We are also a big fan of the versatility of the Cyclone LED, we use them as dome lights, work lights, brake, tail, and amber lights. Such a strong multi purpose light. The distance you get from a long range HID is unbeatable in our eyes, we have tested all the other brand LEDS as a long range light and its just not the same to us. The Flex LEDs in the bumper gives us all the low down fill needed when cornering or navigating the tight turns and ditches of an offroad race.

How have they performed for you?

GREAT out of all the lights we have raced with the KCs are hands down our end all be all racing light. They have helped us land the trucks on the podium just about every night race we have entered with KCs on the truck.

What else do you guys have going on beyond the upcoming Mint400?

This years plan is to HAVE FUN with the trucks, we have a few events planned with the TERRA CREW that will involve both trucks and all the guys so that will be fun. We have talked about wanting to race maybe the BITD Parker 2day or RATR but we havent decided yet.