2019 Jp Dirt ‘N Drive

The Jp Dirt ‘N Drive is an annual event that has occurred for four consecutive years and is hosted by Jp Magazine and the Four Wheeler Network. This year, us at KC were the Official Lighting Sponsor of the event alongside the main Presenting Sponsor of Jeep. The Dirt ‘N Drive brings together Jeep enthusiasts from all over of the continent for a 4-day trip wheeling with the staff of Jp Magazine and all of the sponsors. This adventure took the “Lucky 100” participants on back roads, byways, and rugged off-road trails through the Southwestern United States on the way to Moab, Utah for Easter Jeep Safari. We documented this entire adventure and you can check out the video on it below!
The 2019 JP Dirt ‘N Drive began in Farmington, New Mexico where we off-roaded in the Brown Springs Recreation Area with 120 total Jeeps including Trail Recon and many others. For the 2019 JP DND, we conquered Skinny Canyon Trail first, led by the Cliffhangers 4×4 Club. In this first video, we documented our trip with just one of the 5 groups of Jeeps that hit the trails for Day 1 and Day 2 of the 2019 JP Dirt N’ Drive. After a chilly night in Farmington, New Mexico the Dirt ‘N Drive participants had a police escort out to the Brown Springs Recreation Area, where we were led to a staging area for the first dirt road of the trip. The trails of Farmington proved to be challenging while having amazing scenery. Before long, the tough trail known as Skinny Canyon started claiming it’s victims. A ring and pinion, a driveshaft, and a tire failure later, and we finally made it back safely to the pavement. After a fun morning in the outdoors, we hit the road and drove to the 4 Corners region before continuing on to Cortez, Colorado for Day 2.


The 2019 JP Dirt ‘N Drive continued in Montrose, Colorado where we off-roaded in the Uncompahgre Plateau area. This trip, we wheeled with Trail Recon and Oh_that_1_dude. For Day 2 and Day 3 of the 2019 JP DND, we tackled the trail named Die Tryin. In this video, we documented our trip with just one of the 5 groups of Jeeps that hit the trails for Day 2 of the 2019 JP Dirt N’ Drive. This trail was easily one of the most difficult trails that we have ever been in. Wheeling in Montrose is no joke, but it is made easier when you have excellent guides and spotters from the Western Slope Four Wheelers.
Die Tryin is a short, 1.2 mile trip. However, it takes multiple hours to complete. This trail is rated a 9 out of 10 and is full of huge, technical boulders. It is a pretty serious rock crawling trail. The minimum requirements for this trek included 37″ tires, front and a rear lockers, full armor, and a tow rig was recommended. After a fun day in the outdoors, we got some rest in before we hit the road and drove to Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah.


For this event, Jeep was the Presenting Sponsor, featuring KC as the Official Lighting Sponsor, General Tires as the Official Tire Sponsor, JKS Manufacturing as the Official Suspension Sponsor, and Rugged Radios as the Official Communications Sponsor.