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KC Hilites HID 50 Watt Round Shock Mounted Long Range Clear Light, 50 watt stainless steel produce a light output more than four times the amount of any other light source available, and their rugged solid state HID components will withstand the most severe conditions. The benefits are tremendous Whiter light output, minimal amp draw, higher efficiency and much longer bulb life. This makes driving at night easier, safer and if you are racing much faster. KC's ballasts have been designed to function at voltages ranging from 9V to 19V for automotive as well as commercial and industrial applications. 24V systems are also available. The KC Hilites shock mounting system was developed as a way to isolate the lamp unit from the mounting bracket or surface to which the the light is mounted. This system successfully reduces lamp failure due to vibration and has been proven through the extremes of off road racing. Now, the shock mount system has been updated from the original to require no extra drilling. Their specialized shock mounted housing has made them not only a popular choice for off-road racing, but also proves useful for agricultural and commercial application where durability is a key factor.