Polaris RZR Rear Lights

Polaris RZR

Rear Lights

Step up your lighting game on your Polaris RZR with powerful rear lights from KC's FLEX, C-Series or LZR series. Get as much visibility as you need and build yourself the light kit you've always wanted on the RZR: the FLEX single or dual pair packs fit perfectly and look like an integral part of the RZR, the LZR round or cube bring an unusual aesthetic and a lot of lumens to the game and the C-Series C3 pair packs come as the most cost-effective solution for your build.

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  1. $333.99
    KC's 4" Round LZR LED feature bright, highly efficient CREE LEDs, signature Aluminum Finned-Turbine Design housing for thermal management, Spot beam for focused width and distance. Includes wiring harness, switch and stone guards.
  2. $199.99
    KC HiLites 3" LZR LED CUBE feature bright, highly efficient CREE LEDs in a spot beam pattern with compact turbine Air-cooled fin aluminum housing design and polycarbonate lens. System includes 2 cube LED lights and complete wiring harness.
  3. $259.99
    KC FLEX™ Single LED feature bright CREE LEDs in a spot or spread beam pattern inside a compact, rugged Aluminum housing with precision reflectors. Pair complete with (2) 10w Flex LEDs, complete wiring harness, and u-brackets for easy mounting

    Beam Pattern

    • Spread (20 Watts)
    • Spot (20 Watts)


    • Single (ea)
  4. $399.99
    This 28" Rear Facing LED Chase Bar features integrated tail/brake lights, amber dust lights with strobe capability, along with white floodlights for added visibility, dramatically improving rider safety on the trail or race course.