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Since Polaris debuted the original RZR back in 2007, it has been a hit with sport UTV buyers all over the world. It's only natural that your adventures in a RZR extend into the night, and KC HiLiTES has the perfect lighting setup for your Polaris RZR. Whether you are looking for LED, HID or Halogen lights for your Polaris UTV, KC has the lighting setup you need!

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  1. $769.39


    Polaris RZR drivers crave more light for their nighttime adventures, and KC HiLiTES has developed a cost effective light bar kit for the recreational RZR rider. Our C-Series Recreational kit includes a 30” C-Series LED light bar along with the necessary mounts, wiring harness, and weatherproof switch. Whether you ride on the trail, in the dunes, or in the open desert, this Recreational lighting kit gives you a significant increase in lighting over the stock lights on your RZR UTV Vehicle. As with all of our lighting products, the 23 year, full KC HiLiTES warranty covers these products and...
  2. $758.99


    Replace your stock Polaris RZR headlights with KC's Gravity LED Headlight Kit for dramatically improved lighting performance and safety. Simple plug-n-play wiring and bolt-on install using OE mounting locations.
  3. $418.99


    Dramatically improve your Polaris RZR's visibility and lighting performance at night with KC's C-SERIES C30 LED Light Bar mounting kit. Specially designed mounts secure easily to OE roll cages without need for drilling on Polaris RZRs.
  4. $1,268.99


    The 30" KC FLEX LED Light Bar mounts our 150W FLEX LED Light Bar to your OE 2014-2016 Polaris RZR Roll Cage for powerful light output in a combo, spot and spread beam pattern.
  5. $79.99


    Made from durable, high quality stainless steel coated with a sleek powder coat black finish, KC Polaris RZR overhead mounts were designed to fit a 30" C-SERIES LED Light Bar to OE Polaris RZR roll cage for a sleek and hassle free install.
  6. $1,264.99


    This Gravity LED Pro6 5-light Combo Bar kit includes the patent-pending Infinity Ring System, factory Polaris roll cage mounting brackets hardware, and complete wiring harness. ***Brackets only compatible with factory Polaris RZR roll cage.
  7. $1,051.39


    If our standard C-Series Recreational kit leaves you wanting more light from the C-Series platform, this C-Series Sport kit is ready to spread some more light, literally, with a set of C3 LED Flood lights mounted to the A-pillars of your Polaris RZR. These bright flood-pattern lights complement the C-30 LED bar that is mounted up on top of the vehicle perfectly and provide more side area lighting than the C-Series recreational setup. As with all of our lighting products, the 23 year, full KC HiLiTES warranty covers these products and gives you the confidence to know that we have been stan...
  8. $1,332.79


    This kit doesnt say Competition for nothing… KC HiLiTES specifically engineered the RZR Competition Stage 1 kit to give you a full advantage against your closest competition, whether they are your series nemesis or family/friend who needs to know who’s the fastest. This Stage 1 kit includes a C30 C-Series LED light bar with wire harness / weatherproof switch / and mounts, a set of LZR LED Cube lights that provide abundant close-up area lighting in front of your RZR, and a C3 LED Amber Cube that is mounted to the rear of your vehicle and lets your competition know how far ahead of them you a...
  9. $1,605.53


    RZR riders who like to casually hit the trails, dunes, and desert with the family but also like to go on fast night runs will love the new KC HiLiTES FLEX Series LED Recreational lighting kit! This kit includes a 30” FLEX Array LED light bar, wire harness, and weatherproof switch all prewired and ready to be attached to a Polaris RZR cage with the included tube clamps and adjustable mount. FLEX LED lights are specifically made to have a more ideal color temperature so you can read the terrain in front of you as if it was daylight. FLEX LED lights are also modular and expandable based on y...
  10. $2,232.39


    Building off of the FLEX LED Recreational Series kit, the FLEX Sport Series lighting kit by KC HiLiTES adds even more light with the addition of (2) FLEX LED Duals to the A-pillars of your Polaris RZR. Both of these FLEX LED Duals include our KC signature optics in the spread pattern, to complement the 30” FLEX LED Array combo-beam light bar for the top of the RZR. Combining both of these together gives the driver and passengers the ultimate lighting package for the everyday recreational user because of the extremely high light output, ideal color temperature for you to see the terrain be...
  11. $2,809.46


    Are you ready for the ultimate lighting package for your RZR? You’ve found it with the KC Stage 2 Competition lighting kit. This kit includes a host of premium LED lighting products to help you be the fastest on the track or on the trail. Components include: FLEX Array 30" LED light bar with tube mounts, (2) FLEX LED Quad’s (2 stacked FLEX Duals make a Quad) with A-pillar mounts, and a C3 LED Cube Amber light that is meant for the back of your RZR. Couple all of these lighting products together, along with all the provided mounts, wiring harnesses and weatherproof switches, and you have the...
  12. $32.99


    KC HiLiTES 5w Cyclone LED is a multi-functional 2.2"auxiliary LED lighting solution. Universal mount design for a wide range of lighting applications: rock crawling to engine bays, wheel wheels & more. Available in six different colors

    Lens Color

    • Clear
    • Diffused
    • Amber
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
  13. $19.99


    KC HiLiTES Universal Tube Clamp Mounting Bracket allows you to mount any KC light to .75" to 3.0" diameter round light bars and roof racks. Features a 2-piece black tube clamp design, rubber adjustment shims included.

    Tube Diameter

    • .75" to 1"
    • 1.25" to 1.5"
    • 1.75" to 2"
    • 2.25" to 2.5"
    • 2.75" to 3"