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KC offers a variety of replacement parts for your ProSport Performance LED, HID and Halogen Off road lights, from bulbs & reflectors to housings.

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  1. $27.99
    The KC 4205 6" replacement Driving Beam lens/reflector for KC Hilites Slimlite, Daylighter and Apollo Halogen lights. Comes with clear glass lens and H3 Bulb Adapter. Spread pattern for additional width and distance, maximizes visibility.
  2. $27.99
    The KC 4213 6" replacement Spot Beam clear lens/reflector for all KC Hilites 6" Apollo, Daylighter and Slimlite Halogen lights. Complete with glass Lens and H3 Bulb Adapter. Spot Beam pattern for focused range and high speed visibility.
  3. $240.99
    KC HiLiTES 6" Pro-Sport Gravity LED feature efficient CREE LEDs in a driving, spot, and wide-40 beam pattern. Black polymax housing and polycarbonate lens with adjustable mounting bracket for easy aiming. Includes protective ABS stone guard.

    Beam Pattern

    • Driving (20 Watts)
    • Wide-40 (20W)
    • Spot (20 Watts)
  4. $120.98


    KC's 6" Pro-Sport Halogen use bright 100w Halogen bulbs in a spot beam pattern, a black polymax housing and tempered glass lens. Adjustable mounting brackets for accurate aiming with protective ABS stone guards for harsh, rugged terrains.
  5. $12.99
    KC's 12V H3 Halogen 100w is a standard equipment replacement bulb for all of KC Hilites H3 100w halogen headlights, clear quartz provide super bright output.
  6. $50.99
    KC Hilites 6315 Relay Wiring Harness Kit allows for quick installation for up to two 130w lights. Harness complete with 40A relay, illuminated rocker switch kit, fuses and mounting hardware to handle up to 260w.