LZR LED Lights

Round & Square Light Designs

KC HiLiTES LZR LEDs are KC's signature LED light series. Through it's unique air cooled housing designs, performance tuned LED PCBs and race tested rugged quality KC LZR LEDs represents the latest advancements in LED design and technology.

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  1. $318.72
    KC HiLites 3" LZR LED CUBE feature bright, highly efficient CREE LEDs in spread beam pattern with compact turbine Air-cooled fin aluminum housing design and polycarbonate lens. System includes 2 cube LED lights and complete wiring harness.
  2. $328.38
    KC's 4" Round LZR LED feature bright, highly efficient CREE LEDs, signature Aluminum Finned-Turbine Design housing for thermal management, Spot beam for focused width and distance. Includes wiring harness, switch and stone guards.
  3. $357.36
    KC 3" LZR LED Cube Flush Mount feature bright CREE LEDs in a spread beam pattern. Turbine-Air cooled design housing, polycarbonate lens and flush plates for sleek mounting to any flat surface, impenetrable to dust and water.
  4. $724.36
    KC HiLites 3" LZR LED Cube Bumper system provides an easy lighting solution for 2010-2015 Ford Raptor bumpers, features 4 LZR LED cubes with CREE LEDs in a drive beam pattern. System includes wiring harness and heavy duty mounting brackets.