Performance KC Light Wiring Kits, Light Switches and Relays to keep your KC lights performing at their maximum levels.

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  1. $59.78
    KC HiLiTES 6315 Relay Wiring Harness Kit allows for quick and easy installation of up to two lights. This wiring harness comes complete with a 40 Amp Relay, illuminated Rocker Switch Kit, fuses and mounting hardware to handle up to 260 watts.
  2. $9.95
    Daylighter Grommet, Wire and Flex Replacement - KC #30181
  3. $44.42
    KC HiLiTES 6316 Add-On Harness allows for quick and easy installation for 1 or 2 additional lights onto an existing series of lights. This Add-On harness features a relay (without a switch) for use in conjunction with our #6315 Relay Harness Kit, to wire two additional lights to power from one switch.
  4. $74.72
    KC HiLiTES 6310 Roof Mount Wire Harness Kits are designed to operate upto two roof-mounted lights with a clean factory installed appearance. The harness comes complete with a 40 amp relay, illuminated Rocker Switch Kit, fuses, and mounting hardware.
  5. $40.48
    Wiring Harness for Two Lights with 2-Pin Deutsch Connectors - KC #6308
  6. $17.39

    KC HiLiTES Wire Extension Plug-In features a wire extension complete with terminals and wire sleeve for one light.

    Extension Length

    • 18"
    • 48"
    • 96"
  7. $41.53
    Wire Harness for KC #517 - KC #6309
  8. $79.37

    12v HID Wiring Harness for KC HID lights - KC #95602

    Does not include HID ballast

  9. $8.92
    Daylighter Grommet, Wire and Flex Replacement - KC #3018
  10. $24.28
    H13 to H4 Headlight Conversion Cable - KC #6307
  11. $34.76
    KC HiLiTES 6303 Back-Up System Switch Kits allow one to manually operate the lights in conjunction with automatically activated back-up systems. This switch kits allows for quick and easy installation for up to two lights, comes with our high quality wire minimizes voltage drop for brighter lights and standard LED illuminated #3116 Rocker Switches (rated at 30 amps).
  12. $9.42
    KC HiLiTES 3116 30 Amp Oval Lighted Rocker Switches with Green LED Indicator, is a standard equipment part included with all KC HiLiTES Light kits. Manufactured from the highest quality materials and designed to provide a clean factory installed appearance, these switches are perfect for any auxiliary light installation.
  13. $9.06
    KC HiLiTES 3300 12 Volt Relay is standard equipment for all KC HiLiTES 12v Light Kit Applications. For use with 12v Applications only.