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LED, HID & Halogen Light Wiring Solutions

KC offers a variety of light wiring including wiring kits, light switches, light relays, wire harnesses and wire wraps for use with your LED, HID and Halogen lights.

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  1. $79.37
    KC Hillites 95602 12v HID thin wiring harness for 50w or 70w KC HID lights. Operates 2 HID lights, does not include HID ballast.
  2. $24.99
    These KC H10 adapters allows you to connect aftermarket LED fog lights to your Ford's factory fog light wiring harness. Simply plug the Deutsch 2-pin adapter to your factory H10 wiring harness to operate aftermarket LED fog lights.
  3. $59.78
    KC Hilites 6315 Relay Wiring Harness Kit allows for quick installation for up to two 130w lights. Harness complete with 40A relay, illuminated rocker switch kit, fuses and mounting hardware to handle up to 260w.
  4. $44.42
    KC Hilites 6316 Add-On Wiring Harness features a relay for use in conjunction with KC #6315 Relay Harness Kit, allowing you to wire and operate two additional lights to power from one switch. Includes 40A relay without a switch.
  5. $45.90
    KC Hilites 6309 Wire Harness for KC 517 Back-Up Flood Lighting System.
  6. $40.48
    The KC 6308 Wiring Harness with 2-Pin Deutsch Connectors is designed for two lights up to 55w each (Maximum 110w total). Weather proof sealed, including 30 amp illuminated Switch with panel. Relay not required.
  7. $24.28
    The KC 6307 H13 to H4 Headlight conversion cable converts H13 connector to H4 connector on Halogen style headlights for 2007-2013 Jeep Wranglers and other H13 type headlight connectors. Rated for 55w/60w headlights only. Sold in Pairs.
  8. $17.39
    KC HiLiTES Wire Extension Plug-In features a 18" to 96" wire extension with pre-terminated wires and vinyl wire sleeve. High quality wires minimize voltage drop with auxiliary lights. Each wire extension for single light only.

    Extension Length

    • 18"
    • 48"
    • 96"
  9. $9.95
    Daylighter Grommet, Wire and Flex Replacement - KC #30181
  10. $9.42
    KC's 30 Amp Oval lighted rocker switches with green LED indicator come standard with all KC Hilite light kits. High quality design and finish provides a clean, OEM factory installed appearance, perfect for any auxiliary light installs.
  11. $9.06
    KC HiLiTES 3300 12 Volt Relay - 5 Pole is standard equipment for all KC HiLiTES 12v Light Kit Applications. Relay uses 5 poles and is sealed for added moisture protection. For use with 12v Applications only.
  12. $9.39
    Daylighter Grommet, Wire and Flex Replacement - KC #3018
  13. $3.83
    Oval Rocker Switch Panel is designed to work in conjuction with KC HiLiTES #3116 Rocker Switch - Made from durable material which is corrosion resistant, this rocker switch panel facilitates a more complete and flush look.